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Ideas for Celebration Day

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Daisiemoo Tue 08-Nov-16 14:48:30

Hi all, our AO has been granted and we are struggling with what to do on Celebration Day. Not all the family can be there due to work commitments so we are toying with a night time meal. LO is only small and I'm worried the whole day abd then evening will be too long!
Could anyone give me ideas please?

Rainatnight Tue 08-Nov-16 16:20:03

Congratulations! flowers Could you do something with just you as a family on the day, and wider family at the weekend?

Day and night would be a long day for you all.

PoppyStellar Tue 08-Nov-16 20:42:09

Congratulations smile I'd do what rain suggests and split the celebration into two events if you want to include wider family, one on the actual day, one after for rest of family.

For what it's worth, our celebration day went like this:
Hearing at court
Early lunch out with immediate family (5 of us in total) at nice pub
Afternoon at national trust type place where DD had fun in playground, we took lots of photos in nice surroundings to remember the day, then we stuffed our faces again (food is a recurring celebratory theme in our family) with a very pleasant afternoon tea.
All done and dusted by tea time, home, then bath and bed at usual ish time for DD and large glass of celebratory wine for me.

This was summertime though which made the outdoor time much more pleasant than it would be at this time of year!

Hope you have a lovely day whatever you decide to do.

Italiangreyhound Wed 09-Nov-16 01:24:51

Agree, split the day, easier for all.

We went to court and had photos with judge etc. I bought both the kids (adopted new son, 3 and birth dd 9) a cuddle toy as a reminder of the day.

We had a photo session at local photographer and went out to lunch. Then to a place where you can paint pots etc.

The kids both loved the day. But if your little one is a baby then pot painting is not much use!


Daisiemoo Wed 09-Nov-16 20:48:51

Thanks guys, still not decided lol!!

meandyouplustwo Thu 10-Nov-16 23:22:28

Hi all, its only a day ,I thought it was just a formality , but we had an amazing day !
we packed courtroom with 30 people, almost everyone we invited came !, (some on their lunch break ) then went to a cafe for tea and cake , our lo was only 1 so anything longer would not have been possible , she was exhausted after the 4 hours ( cafe was in museum and had child friendly indoor play area, we did check with them before because of numbers ) we then went home as a family and played games and when both our dd were in bed we enjoyed a bottle of wine and celebrated our first day as a "legal" family.
Im really glad we had photos taken through the day and also had a guest book and a photo frame that people could write on. I loved it , it was like a wedding with so much love in the room smile x

Daisiemoo Thu 24-Nov-16 20:55:10

Ok last minute panic about what to wear lol! I have a suitable outfit for lo, but not sure what myself and hubby should wear???

tldr Thu 24-Nov-16 21:04:08

We dressed up a bit - treated it a bit like a (small, low-key) christening.

tldr Thu 24-Nov-16 21:04:40

What are you doing? Did you decide?

Daisiemoo Fri 25-Nov-16 22:03:03

We dressed smart... think christening type clothes.
We have had a lovely family meal tonight. The celebration hearing was short, the judge was lovely, however i've never been to court before and it was not enjoyable!
Glad it is done x

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