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endofacentury Fri 23-Sep-16 20:44:31

Hi, has anyone had a diagnosis of ADHD in their adopted dc who was exposed to drugs in utero?
And if so, at what stage did you notice differences in their behaviour.
I know children do not get a diagnosis until 6+ but I'm wondering if anyone who has got a diagnosis and what their child's behaviour looked like when they were younger than 6.
I have adopted toddler dd who was exposed to opiates and amphetamines (and highly likely many other substances) who already is experiencing difficulties. For example she absolutely cannot stay still, she cannot even manage to sit on my lap for longer than a second. If I put her on my lap she will slide straight down. She cannot manage to sit in the pushchair or car seat for very long, gets very agitated and screams to get out. Makes going anywhere quite a challenge. She is constantly on the go and flits between activities having quite short attention span.
However, I am well aware that toddlers often can display these types of behaviours but you know when you get the gut feeling that something is not right and it is more than just typical toddler behaviour.
Any words of advice or experiences to share? Thank you

grandmainmypocket Fri 23-Sep-16 22:39:10

Have you been to see your health visitor if she's any good?

endofacentury Sat 24-Sep-16 06:54:00

Health visitor has seen dd regularly but I feel that she still very much sees things from a typical child development perspective rather than the needs of an adopted child. I could speak to her again though I guess. Thanks

fasparent Sat 24-Sep-16 08:09:09

Very early day's, but if you have concerns is best too start the ball rolling soonest, development take president even if the out becomes positive.
Don't know the age of child.
Would contact Schools disability assessment team for advice, possibility
would refer child too disability out reach team who would monitor child with.
Outreach plan, which would monitor child until school age, and reach a final solution as too educational needs after seeing an educational psychologist, in the interim would help finding a suitable nursery with a SENCO.
Would also at the same time ask for a referral via GP or health worker for a referral too community paediatrician.
Also CAMHS referral
Know it sounds a lot but if a problem is there all three support system will
come together, and should lessen delays in the system a little.
Best too act sooner than later.
Wish you luck hope the little ones out comes are positive.

fasparent Sat 24-Sep-16 09:01:33

Correction reference Schools Disability Assessment team.
should have written contact Local Authority Schools Statutory Disability Assessment team for advice


Kr1stina Sat 24-Sep-16 12:35:33

Agree - trust your instincts and make a fuss now . Don't be put off, it takes ages to get anywhere

bostonkremekrazy Sat 24-Sep-16 16:57:23

we knew with ours age 3 & 1 that there was a problem in this area. Dx with ADHD aged 4 and medicated from 5. I suspect their sibling aged 1.5 is also affected and for now pediatrician is 'keeping an eye'.
We are lucky in a way that they are so complex medically as they were under the correct teams already - but diagnosis still took around 3 years of assessments. Very unusual to be diagnosed pre-age 6, simply because it can look like so many other things.
ADHD can look like attachment disorder, ASD, FAE etc, so it is right for professionals to be cautious especially with adopted children who have been exposed to so much both in utero and trauma after birth.

If yours is a toddler I would now be asking HV or GP for referral to a pediatrician stating your concerns - its a 12 month waiting list where I live!

marmalade999 Sat 24-Sep-16 20:51:47

Sorry I might have missed it how old is your child?

endofacentury Sat 24-Sep-16 21:13:39

Dd is 2. Is already under paediatrician due to sensory issues, but won't be seen again until next year due to age. Was just offered a follow up appointment 12 months after first one. I will speak to HV again but I guess there's not much can be done at this stage.
When I mentioned possible ADHD to paediatrician I was told there was no possible way to know at this stage due to toddler behaviours which I understand. But given the effects of the drugs and info in child's cpr said older sibling with query ADHD so it's on my mind but feeling a little lost.

fasparent Sat 24-Sep-16 22:25:05

Would try the educational route as mentioned , would enable access too
Early years disability outreach team who could start your child on a Pathway plan.
As a ex looked after child you will receive precedence, would have further access too support as Play therapist , OT, etc. and help too access special
SENCO staffed nursery, as child gets older will assess your child and may help with accessing schools if there is a need. Child will be helped with
a Educational Health care plan ( This replaces the old Special
statmenting system a child no longer has too have a DIAGNOSIS TOO ACCESS HELP AND SUPPORT)
This is the correct procedure and path too take would be still the same
way forward in two years time.
Our child is same age and is on a pathway plan so it does work hopefully with the support and intervention when school age comes all will be OK
Must say when you ask for advice too explain child is a looked after child

You could also ask after Adoption support or LA's Virtual head too help you and speak on your behalf, they still have a responsibility

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