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adopting internationally

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Melissa1771 Sat 17-Sep-16 21:36:17

Hi there,

DH and I are at the early stages of exploring adoption, and I was wondering if anyone had any relatively recent experience with trying to adopt internationally?

I was always pretty keen that we should focus on adopting from within the UK, but having now attended two info evenings (one at a private agency and one at a LA) I feel more discouraged. The tone of the evenings seemed aimed almost to put people off and consider why they would not be suitable. I know they have to combat people looking at adoption through rose-tinted glasses, and I agree with that, but my sense was that they had no great urgency to recruit more potential adopters. In fact both agencies indicated that there were lots of great potential adopters and "competition" (for lack of a better word) for children. This is ultimately a great thing for the children in the care system if this is true and I don't wish it were otherwise. I am however wondering whether, as we do want to have children, we would be better off looking internationally.

I am aware it would be expensive but would be keen to know more specifics about fees. I have also heard that some of the "beaurocracy" would be cut out. For background, DH is UK/US dual citizen and we would be comfortable with adopting from the US if that were a possibility, but also open to looking more widely.

Many thanks for any insights you guys might have. x

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Kr1stina Sun 18-Sep-16 12:39:26

The rules governing international adoption change all the time, so you would need to contact a specialist agency for up to date advice . Even someone who adopted from a country recently may not know the current situation.

AFAIK You have to follow the adoption procedures for the country in which you are ordinarily resident, so if you live here you have to follow UK procedures regardless of your nationality .

As you will know, private adoption is the USA is expensive but much faster and easier . You may wish to consider moving to the US and adopting there. Aftre you have lived there with your child for a period ( two years I think ) you will be able to get a British passport for them .

But you would need to check the up to date situation.

There are very few international adoptions now in the UK. For this reason you may not get many replies here. However there's lot of general information on adoption so please read back through some old threads and come and join on on some current ones.

There are lot of other prospective adopters here and everyone is welcome

Melissa1771 Sun 18-Sep-16 14:54:01

Thanks Kr1stina for your reply. It does seem that international adoption is quite rare, and so it's difficult to find out peoples' experiences with it. I haven't ruled out domestic adoption and am reading a lot of other threads on the adoption boards =)

We are considering moving to the US in a couple of years' time but it's not very likely we would go through with it, for various reasons (work, finances, support structures). I'm not sure we are (yet) in a place where we would move there primarily in order to adopt, though I can see that's an option.

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Kr1stina Sun 18-Sep-16 19:39:56

Good luck with your research

tldr Sun 18-Sep-16 19:46:48

Also, keep in mind that people absolutely are having UK children placed atm (including babies) - these boards seem go have someone going to intros just about constantly.

MypocketsarelikeNarnia Sun 18-Sep-16 20:56:04

And that the reasons why there are currently more adopters waiting longer for children are complex (and not necessarily brilliant for the children in the system) and could change at any time.

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