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adult adoption

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growlerisnotaporkpie Sun 04-Sep-16 22:29:52

My Dad has always been my Dad, but he's not my biological father. We have a real dad-daughter relationship and recently he has asked me to call him Dad. Almost 40 years being told to call him his name and now he tells me he'd love me to call him Dad. I don't know nor want to know my biological thing however I'd love to make it official that the real man that is my Dad and brought me up is the best Dad ever.
Looking on the internet it seems adult adoption is not allowed, I was wondering if anyone knew if i could make a contract stating he is my Dad and I want him to be forever known as that, is this possible?

Italiangreyhound Sun 04-Sep-16 22:54:44

No idea but I figure nowdays almost anything is possible! Maybe just not in this country!

How does your dad feel?

I think I'd look into it, see if there is a legal way to do it, in this country or abroad if you wish, and if not I would look for a way to symbolically do it.

EG for the next big birthday I had or my dad had, I would throw a big party and make some sort of symbolic declaration.

I do not think it will change your relationship, and if you are almost 40 he must be 60 to 70, so I would rather concentrate on making the most of the lives you have, enjoying the time you have because blood is not thicker than water!

But do as you will and make sure you enjoy your time with your dad. thanks

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