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Does going from 2 to 3 children make a big difference?

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Maisy313 Thu 18-Aug-16 10:31:44

I'm at the age where I kind of need to decide if I want a third child or to get rid of all the baby toys / clothes etc. We have two lovely boys (5 and 2) who sleep through the night, holidays and day trips now feeling easier again (although long haul flights are probably another year off). Career wise I'm just getting back into my stride (work 3.5 a week) and my dh got a big promotion when I was on maternity leave with ds2 which has some with long hours and a lot of stress but he seems to enjoy in in a semi-masochistic way! They are happy being left with my in laws for a weekend who love to have them. Financially we are in a better position than ever before but maternity leave did feel tight and another baby would set us back but would be manageable (combined income around 90k) We are selling our London flat and moving to the country I think (another thing I'm not sure we will regret). Also my dh has a hereditary heart defect (which resulted in his brother dying as a baby) so pregnancies are closely monitored and my second son had a very traumatic start which ended up with me being very anxious really for his first year and a half. It's a long story but he had an immature nervous system and was misdiagnosed as having a series of long and sustained seizures as a baby. So basically what I'm saying is it makes no sense at all in terms of life quality to have another baby but I feel really sad when I think about not having one! What are your experiences of going from 2 to 3? Or sticking to 2? I need help!

Maisy313 Thu 18-Aug-16 10:33:33

Sorry posted this in the wrong place, ignore!

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