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First social worker visit

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catlass Thu 04-Aug-16 10:12:14

After only going to an information evening last week everything seems to be going fast! We have submitted our registration of interest, asked our references, booked medicalx, filled out DBS forms. We now know we have been appointed a social worker and she is coming to see us tomorrow at home! shock

What kind of things is she likely to want to know at this stage and what should we be asking?? Eeeek I'm so nervous. I'm going to give the house a clean and hide all the crap from the spare room into the loft today lol. Will also get some nice biscuits in grin . There is no chance of our house looking sterile and perfect though as we have two young birth DC !

Help lololol

CrazyCatLaydee123 Thu 04-Aug-16 18:45:56

Good luck.

Can't think of any questions you should be asking off the top of my head... They probably won't even look at the house (ours had a cursory glance round but only when we asked if they wanted 'the tour') or eat any of your biscuits in my experience but I know that cleaning the house for the SW makes me feel calmer! It's Sod's law that if the house is a mess they'd want to have a nosey round.

Hope it goes well for you x

UnderTheNameOfSanders Fri 05-Aug-16 11:37:22

This seems very fast! Have you had a pre-visit at all?

On a first (pre-)visit I would expect them to want to know
- reasons why you are interested in adoption
- what your current family set up is
- what age child(ren) you are thinking of, and your views on level of disability you could take on.

You should ask about the process, training and support.

catlass Fri 05-Aug-16 12:57:49

Thank you both, SW due this afternoon!

Yes I thought the same in regards to how fast they are being! I know they've already sent your references their questionnaire forms now as well. We've not had a pre-visit. I'm guessing this is one or not? We've been to the information evening and filled out a very long registration of interest form. Must try to remember to ask about the process and support etc.

Kr1stina Fri 05-Aug-16 19:00:58

How did it go ?

catlass Fri 05-Aug-16 19:23:53

Hi! It went really well. We really like our social worker, she explained everything really well and they are officially going to move us into stage one. She did look round the house so all my tidying wasn't in vein grin. She's given us lots of homework to do. I feel so much more relaxed now about the whole process smile.

CrazyCatLaydee123 Fri 05-Aug-16 20:34:14

Ahhh the homework...

I am still working my way through much of the recommended books, I find them really interesting (I am a teacher in my other life so it's kinda professional development too!)

I do have to alternate between adoption books and fiction now though as it got a bit much at one point...

My favourites so far: Help for Billy by Heather T. Forbes; First steps in parenting the child who hurts: Tiddlers and toddlers by Caroline Archer; Learning the Dance of Attachment by Holly van Gulden.

catlass Fri 05-Aug-16 20:44:10

Ahhh that's brilliant, thank you! I think a couple of the ones you mentioned are in the homework so will definitely check them out! I was hoping for some recommendations smile. DH working through some of the homework already! Think I need a night to process everything from today first. Barely slept a wink last night between myself overthinking and the kids waking up.

Stang1991 Mon 15-Aug-16 12:00:12

We too have booked the medicals, had the referee forms out to our referees, filled out our DBS forms etc, but our 1st meeting is at the agency rather than at home, sounds like were at the same stage. Def nerve wracking but were saying just be ourselves, we have a lot to offer and hopefully that shall shine through the nervousness.

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