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What now?

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Sillyshell Wed 03-Aug-16 14:29:29


We were approved just over a month ago and I wondering what happens next?

I'm assuming as soon as the social worker has any potential matches for us then they will be in touch but do we just do nothing until we hear from them? I know it hasn't been long at all but I dont know if I have the patience for this!!

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Wed 03-Aug-16 15:08:14

Congratulations on being approved.

We saw our SW every two months or so to keep in touch. If that isn't possible, I would be ringing or emailing every now and then to find out if they've been sending out your profile.

You can ask to go on the National Adoption Register after, I think, 3 months of being approved and you can attend Adoption Exchanges etc, depending on your matching criteria.

This bit can be really really hard, but it will be worth it.

redlynn23 Wed 03-Aug-16 15:13:13

Good afternoon, Wish I could offer you reassurance that will move fast now that you are approved but I can’t. I am so frustrated at the moment. But remember every case is different, and I have heard of very quick movement after approval.

My husband and I were approved back beginning of April, we were told about a potential match before going to Panel. We were so excited. But due to sickness, holidays, legal issues etc. We are still waiting for the match to be completed. If only we had been warned how long the next step would take we could have been prepared. We had thought that it would happen very quickly after approval.

In our Local authority area, this is what happened next if that’s the information you need.

•New family finding social worker was allocated and introductions were made by Existing Social Worker.
•Profile of child was discussed (abbreviated copy)
•Childs social workers were introduced
•Childs Full Profile was given
•Further meeting to discuss profile and ask questions of Childs social worker
•Time to consider
•Meet with the Childs Foster Parents
•Meet with Medical advisor and ask questions
•Further discussions to make sure that we were happy to proceed
•Matching meeting with all social workers, Social Work Management and foster parents.
•If all in agreement that match to good, a panel date can be applied for.
•Social workers complete adoption placement plan
•Go to Panel
•Dependant on child and placement plan

We have been matched with a child that does not have a POAA (permanence order with authority to adopt) in place, so it has been quite complicated. If you are unsure about legal situations ask as much information an possible.

Good Luck, hope all goes well

CrazyCatLaydee123 Wed 03-Aug-16 16:46:38

Have you joined Link Maker? That way you feel a bit more like you are doing something, and it's an excuse to see your SW to discuss potential matches. It mainly has harder to place children so you have to be realistic about what you want.

There is also a similar service through adoption uk, I've not joined that yet as its £80 and I'd rather see what my SW comes up with, if anything, in a the first 3 months.

matimeo Wed 03-Aug-16 16:48:27

We'd already met our daughter at an activity day by the time we were approved. We'd seen a number of profiles before approval and got more details about two of them (one became our daughter), so I'm slightly surprised you haven't seen a profile yet.

Each LA works differently, and some are reluctant to show even basic profiles until approval, even when it's pretty certain. Equally there may simply be few/no children that meet your criteria.

We were very lucky with our match, but I would encourage you to see the matching process as 'yours' and you might want to move it along by:
-Contact your SW and ask what profiles are available, you might look at some that don't match your criteria perfectly.
- Visit exchange events and activity days. Some people find them daunting, I thought they were quite positive.
- Register on the NAR as suggested above.

Ultimately how long you take to match will depend on what children you are willing to consider, and a large amount of luck; but your active pushing can help speed things along.

Do remember to keep contact with SWs fluffy and positive. Your SW will be busy and may be great or useless. Once you see a full profile and decide you want to register interest there may be other adopters interested as well, so you are selling yourself to the kid's SW.

Best of luck, it'll all be worth it.

pleasemothermay1 Thu 04-Aug-16 21:33:17

We joined up to the matching sites and got looking but we were with a VA

JDL13 Mon 08-Aug-16 17:15:29

We met our daughters SW the same day we were approved so it can happen really fast. I know that if it hadn't been this way for us I would have emailed our SW all the time! It can't possibly hurt to be keen - surely you can't be too keen?
The end result will be worth the wait - All the very best. Hope you are matched very soon x

Sillyshell Tue 09-Aug-16 10:23:12

Hi, I appreciate the responses and advice. I think we have heard so many stories lately where people have been matched pretty much straight away, I was hoping it would be the case with us but I know we have to be realistic and patient! We are looking for siblings which we have been made aware adds more complications into the mix.

Will give it another week and email them, I dont want to annoy them but on the other hand I dont want them to forget about us smile

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