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Step parent adoption

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nialopes Mon 16-May-16 17:15:26

Hi everyone,

My husband is a step father to my daughter and we have just been allocated a social worker. She is coming in 2 weeks to meet us for first time. I was just wondering if anyone has has any experience of that ...what should I be expecting. And also the social worker told me on the phone that they haven't actually written to my ex husband about the adoption just yet (we don't have any contact with him for 6 yrs). Do you know when the authorities contact the biological father and ask for his consent if he agrees to the adoption do we still have to go to court or not necessary ?

Thanks in advance smile

nialopes Mon 16-May-16 17:22:17

Sorry I did not explain that my husband is adopting my daughter smile I'm just anxious about the whole process...not sure what to expect

lateforeverything Mon 16-May-16 22:20:29

Hello! I replied to your step-parenting thread too but just to say that they won't contact your exh until meeting you and finding out a bit more from you in person. My dh's exw has had no direct contact with my dss for over 3 years and the sw has said that she wants to know a bit more about why that might be, the background of her relationship with dss etc smile

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