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DaisyD123 Sun 17-Apr-16 20:05:47

Hi, has anyone applied for a passport for their little one pre the legal adoption going through? If yes who filled in / signed as 'parent' on the form?

UnderTheNameOfSanders Mon 18-Apr-16 13:55:11

We waited, but if my memory serves me right, the SW and the Birth Parent would need to agree.

Easier to wait unless urgent to go abroad.

When you apply post court order you will need the 'long' birth certificate, so make sure you get one of those after court (you will only get short by default, or that's how it used to be).

NeatandTidyTidyandNeat Mon 18-Apr-16 17:48:25

I think the SW would need to provide LA permission to take LO out of country before AO too, wouldn't they? But to answer your question, I suspect the LA would need to sign because the child is still legally looked after at this stage.

Hels20 Mon 18-Apr-16 19:35:53

I think it's the one thing you need the bio parent to sign.

We waited and then applied as soon as we got AO

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Apr-16 01:55:59

Our ds has been home two years and we have not got his passport and go on first holiday abroad this year.

Is it urgent you go abroad before adoption order?

Kewcumber Tue 19-Apr-16 13:10:17

After placement pre adoption order the Adoptive parents Borth parents and Local Authority share parental responsibility.

The adoption placement plan may give advice on how it is to operate and the adoption panel should be able to advise.

Kewcumber Tue 19-Apr-16 13:13:10

"4.22 When a child is accommodated, or placed in foster care or for adoption where there is no Care Order or interim Care Order
a) The local authority acquires parental responsibility by the signing of section 19
consent, PR is shared with the parents and guardians and with the prospective
adopter[s] from the date of placement. "

apple2015 Tue 19-Apr-16 21:18:50

Hi, we are at the pre-AO stage and in the process of applying for LO's passport. BP filled in the form and LA signed it off. There are also two passport photos which need to be signed by the LA or whoever has known the child for at least 2years. Once we get LO's passport we would need to get a letter/permission from LA before travelling abroad.
Good luck!

maggiso Sat 23-Apr-16 18:15:06

We needed a passport for LO between placement and adoption. I had to get the LA/SW to sign the paperwork, and then I had to take LO up to the passport office (by special appointment- all organized on the phone) with the photos, passport paperwork and LA letter. They posted the passport on to us. We also needed a letter from SS to travel with LO once we got the passport. We did not have loads of time to wait for a passport (I think there were extensive delays at the time) so that may have been why I had to go up the passport office. It was the first long journey I had done with (very hyperactive) LO in the car and he was sick- it was quite an experience for us both! Best to avoid that if there is time and it can be done by post.

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