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Foster to Adopt

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Koalaquakers Mon 14-Mar-16 12:20:20

I know there are a lot of previous posts, but wanting to hear from anyone that might be doing it right now.
I found a fabulous timeline that explains it from the sw point of view, but looking for real life stories.
We have been approved almost two years and had already decided to only give adoption another six months. We would then go through the process of becoming foster carers, as no matter what we know that children will always play a role in our life's.
So F2A seems like a natural move at this point and we are prepared for the uncertainty, there just isn't an awful lot of information out there.

ChocolateJam Mon 14-Mar-16 17:07:51

If you do a search on "Foster to Adopt" lots of threads come up. Hope you find something useful.

bostonkremekrazy Mon 14-Mar-16 22:09:08

koalaquakers -
why have you been waiting so long already?
i think fta limits your options further - unless you remain open to adoption and fta - thus opening your options by being approved to do both?
do you have very strict criteria?
girl/boy only? under 1? no health issues? no disabilites? - if you do have strict criteria how does fta fit with this - obviously you cannot guarantee the health issues/disabilities with fta. it tends to be less cautious adopters who go forward with fta, as there is always the risk of a return to the birth parents also.

we have just had our 4th placed....our next will be fta as all of ours are siblings.

there are lots of threads on here as chocolate says - hopefully that will help you with more specific queries.

Mama1980 Tue 15-Mar-16 08:37:49

I can't really help specifically my youngest was basically fta but as I already have her elder sibling and there were other legal factors including bm consent it was a different and much more secure experience.
For my daughter it worked perfectly, she was placed in my care the day she was born, adopted by 8 months and so the disruption was minimised, though of course not eliminated.
Can I ask why you feel you can only give adoption another 6 months? Do you have very definite criteria (don't feel you have to answer of course) I was just wondering if there was a reason you felt unlikely to be matched.
I've seen fta work well but I've also seen it not and be incredibly traumatic for all involved, largely due to the court mandate to place (rightly in my opinion) within the birth family where possible but often this is not happening until later within the process leading to devastation all round. I know of several adopters who have gone in with ss 'assurances' of formalities etc only for a birth family carer to come forward at a later date.
Personally I would not have fta without the other factors that made my youngests adoption a different process.
Not sure if any of that helps but happy to answer any questions if I can. Hopefully someone with more advice will be along soon or failing that search for other threads, there are lots about.

Jonesey1972 Thu 24-Mar-16 20:42:27

My partner and I very nearly embarked on Foster to Adopt but the adopters of the baby's half-sibling changed their minds at the last minute so we were pushed out of the picture. A week before the baby was due to come to us. It was quite difficult... And gave me a very small taste of how it would feel it it happened after the child had been placed with us. I'd say don't pursue this option if you have issues with abandonment/loss.

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