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Concurrent planning, advice if we are offered a placement?

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Kubelik Tue 23-Feb-16 13:52:50

We are being assessed by our LA to be adopters and in addition to be concurrent carers. If we do end up being offered a concurrent care placement we know it may be a difficult decision, based on perhaps very limited information. Of course our social worker is preparing us as much as she can but we are trying to be as ready as possible, eg writing a list of what questions to ask when/if we get that phone call, as it sounds like it can happen quickly.

It would be great hear from anyone who has been through the process, in particular any advice about what happened when you were offered a placement, how you made the decision, what you didn't know but wished you had known, etc. There is not a great deal of info out there so any stories/advice/sources of info would be great. I know it may be difficult to share experiences due to need for confidentiality so do PM me if better. Also, anyone know of meetups/networks or even blogs about concurrent care? Thank you!

happypenguin7 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:02:14

Hi there. I am an adoptive mum via Concurrent Care. I will try & answer as much as I can on here for the benefit of other interested people but will also PM you anything else smile
When we received "the call" it was pre-birth so the information was limited.... details of parents (age, health, location), reasons for the possible start of care proceedings for the child, possible name chosen, details of siblings (age, health, whether they were adopted, looked after etc) and that was it.
We based our decision solely on the fact that there was a child due to be born that needed a safe home & there was nothing that we had learned to make us say no.

happypenguin7 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:06:16

Sorry, had to press post as I am on my phone & almost lost the message!

Was there anything I wish I'd known? Not really - we were so very well informed about risks that we were prepared. I suppose one thing I wasn't prepared for was the love I felt almost immediately!

There was a part in our story where it seemed likely that our LO would be moving back to extended family and (after initially feeling devestated) quickly picked myself up

happypenguin7 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:09:58

+try again!!

And realised that our job was to do the best thing for our LO even if, at times, we might not agree.

Our story had a twist & our LO remained in our care and there was a plan of adoption. The adoption is complete and we are overjoyed everyday.

There were/are some major health issues that were not picked up until late on during the first year (as they would not have been noticed any earlier)

I hope this helps a little. please PM any questions smile

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