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What support is there for young adopted adults

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PicaK Sat 23-Jan-16 18:06:04

We are considering what level of delay we personally would be able to cope with. From the little research we've done over the last few years we are sure we could cope with the childhood years. We're thinking now about the fact the child may never live independently.
I don't know where to start trying to work out what support is there for them living you or in some kind of sheltered unit later on - do these even exist? We're older adopters so we might be very physically frail or even dead when they are 20.
I hope i don't sound heartless - i just feel i have to get a solid view of what the worse case scenario really looks like before i can be sure i can take this little one on forever.
Can you give me some pointers on where to look for info?

PicaK Sat 23-Jan-16 18:06:58

Sorry that should say "days" not years.

MrsH1989 Sun 24-Jan-16 06:22:28

There is help. Residential help and day to day help. I do not know how to access that help but in my experience, most vulnerable adults have a social worker who looks after their wellbeing.

mybloodykitchen Sun 24-Jan-16 14:36:24

It sounds eminently sensible to work out what you could cope with before committing to it!

I think you should look into this in general terms with Ss and obviously get something concrete in place (in writing in blood ) before taking a child with a high level of need.

Whatever is available now may not be in 15 years time if Cameron continues to have his mustachio twirling villainous way with the public sector and therefore advice given now might come to be ridiculously idealistic in the future...

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