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International Adoption

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anonymousnosides Tue 19-Jan-16 17:10:32

What is the UK procedure of adopting a child (internationally from own family)?
I will appreciate some guidelines on this issue as it is an urgent matter that needs to be started now. All I know is, it takes years.

Kr1stina Tue 19-Jan-16 20:08:30

You need to approach your local authority and ask to be approved for adoption . They charge for this for international adoption, I believe it is about £5k or more. There will be further costs for the legalisation of documents .

Then you will need a lawyer and / or an adoption agency in the country overseas .

You need to comply with the adoption regulations in the UK and in the country you are adopting from . It's very complicated and you will need specialist advice .

Good luck

drspouse Thu 21-Jan-16 11:24:39

We are overseas adopters and your LA may approve you themselves our outsource to an agency, ours does the latter. The approval process is more or less the same. It may not take years though. A child that is your relative will be a little simpler but it depends on the country.

LittleMamaJama Thu 21-Jan-16 12:17:41

drspouse: Thanks so mcuh for that. I have tried and tried calling PACT- and failed- it's either voicemail or mobile which is goes unanswered. To say I am frustrated is an uderstatement. I left messages before Xmas- still waiting. This morning I called again and I got ''the srvice on this number is currently inactive''- there was no option! (sigh)

Kr1stina Thu 21-Jan-16 13:12:52

Why are you contacting PACT ? Do you know that your LA works with them ?

I don't understand why you are leaving voicemails if time is of the essence. It's not unusual for SWers to take weeks or months to answer phone calls .

Why don't you just write ( and send recorded delivery ) to your LA?

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