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Adopting in the US

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adoptiondad101 Mon 04-Jan-16 16:11:49

Hi there, my wife and I are wanting to adopt in the US. I am a British National and my wife is French. We both have Green Cards for the US and have lived in the US for the past 5 years. We understand that if you adopt outside of the UK it must be in a Hague accredited country which America is so that's good. However we are wondering if the adoption agency that we use will need to be Hague accredited or not? Most of the Hague accredited agencies here in our state NC deal with international adoption and we want to do ours domestically. Does anyone have any idea if we use a non Hague accredited adoption agency if this will be a problem when we go to apply for British Citizenship for our adopted child. Any guidance would be very welcome.

Italiangreyhound Tue 05-Jan-16 02:33:51

Sorry no idea. Please speak to a UK adoption agency for guidance of who to speak to in the UK. I presume you are concerned about when you come back to the UK for holidays or to return to live here?

This thread was started over 10 years ago so have no idea if it is accurate.

I would definitely go to a recognised source like a UK agency rather than rely on threads on adoption sites because things do change and all situations are not the same.

Can I ask if you plan to stay in the states; and if you want to adopt there because you will live there or because you think the USA is a better place to adopt?

I am an adopter but went through domestic adoption in the UK.

Anyway, good luck, hope it all goes well.

adoptiondad101 Tue 05-Jan-16 15:13:29

Hi there, thanks for the response. We are intending to stay in the US but want to have the option fo moving back to the UK if we need to without any complications with regard to our future adoptive child's citizenship. We want to adopt in the US because that is where we live, and have lived for the past 5 years.

akuabadoll Mon 11-Jan-16 08:25:25


this is the guide to the application - go to page 13, hope it helps

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