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Post adoption support

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ann0102 Sun 06-Dec-15 23:17:49

Hi, at what point can you call them? We don't have the AO yet due to delays, our sw keeps talking about help from therapeutic play but doing nothing, can I call the post adoption team for help? Thanks

Italiangreyhound Sun 06-Dec-15 23:50:13

Yes. Do it as soon as you need to. Keep a note of what is happening and when it is happening, be ready to talk about it when they call. Just don't wait. We had assistance very early in.

I think it should really be called post adoption placement support!!!

Devora Mon 07-Dec-15 00:05:28

Do it now, as we currently have the post adoption support fund, but its future is uncertain.

fasparent Mon 07-Dec-15 10:48:38

Criteria and FAQ's for Adoption support fund and Criteria see

freshoutofluck Mon 07-Dec-15 10:56:29

Hmm, it depends on the area - in some LA's you can't use the post-adoption support team while you still have your own adoption SW and the child has a SW, which is the case pre-AO. This doesn't mean you can't access training and workshops, but it would all be through your SWs. I believe you also cannot access the national adoption support fund until you have your AO.

That said, if your SW is messing about not acting on plans, I would make sure this is included in your next LAC review with the independent reviewer - these should be continuing regularly and involving you until your AO is granted. If you can get the play therapy etc listed on the minutes of the LAC review, you have a much better lever to get your SW moving as they will be accountable for making it happen.

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