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lifestory book

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thefamilyvonstrop Fri 27-Nov-15 21:45:24

This may be a totally idiotic question but I can't figure out the best approach.
I'm rewriting my LO's lifestory book and I'm using Joy Rees's website to guide my approach. She talks about structuring it as present - past - present - future. However my LO is still very young - toddler age range - so the present will almost certainly be the past by the time we are sharing / understanding it. So, do i need to keep updating the book as time passes?? Am I totally over thinking this?

Italiangreyhound Fri 27-Nov-15 22:35:28

I think you are not over thinking, you are aware which is great.

We were lucky. Our little boy came at 3 (a(almost 4) and we had a brilliant book made for him by social worker.

It starts now, you live with mummy and daddy and your name is greyhound puppy etc. But before you came to live with mummy and daddy, blah blah blah. and then it goes back to the now. There is room to add to it. We will if it seems appropriate. I am not sure what to add yet because ds is living a very normal life now but when/if things develop, e.g. future card or letter from birth mum, it may be appropriate to add it in, along side other things. Just not sure yet. I thought we would add lots to it but as time has gone on and he has shown little interest in it (he is now 5 and has been with us 18 months), I feel less inclined to add to it. If you are not ready to start using it yet I would set it out but not fix it down yet.

Good luck.

Italiangreyhound Fri 27-Nov-15 22:36:32

I mean it was lucky the social worker did a fab job on the book!

UnderTheNameOfSanders Thu 03-Dec-15 16:33:15

DD2 has 2 LSBs.

The first is very detailed and is appropriate for around 8 upwards. The social worker created it with some input from us.

The second is a photo book with very limited text that I made for her, suitable for age 2-6. That starts with who she was when I made it (age around 4), then went back to the beginning and forward up to her adoption.

tbh Although she is now 11, she doesn't engage much with her detailed book, still preferring the simplified one.

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