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Adoption Hearing 1

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OrangeRunner Wed 18-Nov-15 12:04:19

Outcome of Court hearing: AD social worker did not turn up. Seems she has resigned. She didn't let anyone know there was a court date. Her Social services colleagues did not know there was a court date. There was no representative from AD side. The hearing went ahead, but the judge has asked for more paperwork. The hearing is therefore going to be rescheduled for another three weeks time. One word: DISGUSTING. Nowhere is the child number one. She has been forgotten. Lost in the system. Our SW could only apologise on behalf of the whole LA.
It gets worse. OMG. As if it could not get any worse, the incompetence goes up a notch at The LA. I sent an email today to one of the bosses in order for them to make sure a new social worker is assigned to the case asap. She called me.
Her words: "....I'm going to see Mum & Dad as soon as possible...." My words: "I'M HER MUM". My verbal assault then ensued. I was so mad. And upset.
She is an agency SW. Poor woman given the case at short notice with no information whatsoever it seems. She understood my reaction when she heard some of the stories relating to the adoption journey so far. And was appalled. On another day I just would have pulled her up on it and moved on but yesterday I was either going to cry or flip out. I flipped out! Xxxxx

anxious123 Wed 18-Nov-15 12:10:17

Don't blame you at all. My birth sons final hearing was yesterday. His sw left a matter of weeks ago. Life story work isn't complete. She hasn't done her later life letter to him. Hadn't passed on medical information etc. I totally get why you flipped out, they can be an absolute nightmare to deal with.

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