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What will they ask my BC

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Ginforthewin Tue 27-Oct-15 19:09:57

NC for this post.
My ex and their spouse are adopting, my DS is 8 and the social worker wants to talk to my DS (DS lives with me)
What exactly will they ask him? I have tried looking online but can only find "they will want to talk to" type answers and nothing more specific.

Thanks in advance

MadauntofA Tue 27-Oct-15 21:09:59

I don't think they will be after anything specific, more to get a feel of your DS, what kind of things he does with his Dad when he sees him etc. they want to know what the couple are like at parenting, check there aren't any problems from your DS's point of view, check what DS knows about them adopting (I presume he does know?) and how he will feel sharing his Dad etc.

K1mberly Wed 28-Oct-15 06:09:24

They will want to check with you that your ex takes his / her full share of responsibility for his/ her son . S/He won't be allowed to adopt another child if he/ she is not properly caring for the one they already has.

Eg does your ex pay full child support ( not CSA minimum ) , have shared residence , stick to all agreements

What has your ex told you and your son about it all ?

How will your sons time with his dad/ mum be affected by the arrival of a new sibling ? How does he get on with his step mum/dad ?

What age of child are they hoping to adopt ?

It's a bit difficult to discuss this with an eight year old without knowing some of the practical details .

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