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SW constantly missing deadlines - arghhh

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wonderingwhetherto Mon 26-Oct-15 17:18:23

Going through second adoption. Was told should be straightforward and in fact our assessment went through without a hitch. That was back in August and we are still awaiting panel - for no other reason we are booked on the given panel days then but our sw keeps missing the paperwork deadlines for QA and our sign off. We just found out today we've missed our November slots and that we are booked in for early December! But we have absolutely no faith in our sw meeting this deadline and are unsure what to do. Our sw is agency staff which doesn't help as no one 'at the office' seems to have any real say in how she does things. We are liaising with the manager who is sympathetic but seems unsure how to progress as so late in the game.

Does anyone have any idea what on earth we can do? Our first adoption was so straightforward, I don't know whether we were just lucky or just very unlucky this time. Just so, so frustrated and feel that no one is really on our side. We keep getting panel dates, they are missed, then on to the next date.

Oh and as so not to drip feed there is a potential (sounds perfect at this juncture) link too (who is awaiting the final hearing) but just down to this awful sw pissing around with the paperwork we could miss our chance. Thankfully we have been told said sw will just see us through panel, and not matching, which is a saving grace...

Thanks in advance if you got this far!

dibly Mon 26-Oct-15 22:38:19

Oh that sounds frustrating. We're having similar problems with AO paperwork not being completed on time, (2 months overdue). I'm tempted to escalate it but I'm so tired of the aggro that I'm giving it a final (mental) deadline first. Is that an option for you? Given your poss link I'd be pestering by the day!

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Tue 27-Oct-15 06:09:01

In general I'm not a fan of complaining to SW during the Adoption process, but this is different. If your SW is employed to do a job, their Manager needs to make sure they do it. I would request a face to face meeting with your SW and their boss, lay out the missed dates in writing and then say, "What do we all need to do to ensure the early December panel dates are met?" Make it clear you are taking notes then drop them both an email after the meeting with the agreed actions and dates listed. I'd then be phoning just before each deadline. If that doesn't work, I'd escalate it to the Head of Service, at that point highlighting the potential link.

Best of luck!

wonderingwhetherto Tue 27-Oct-15 09:24:20

Thanks, both. girls, you're right, my inclination is not to complain about SW during the process too - it just causes further delays and bad feeling IME. But your advice is bang on - this isn't a personality clash or any 'complaint' as such but we just need to have support and deadlines in place to move forward and get to panel. I hope it doesn't get to the point of going to Head of Service, but if we have to we will. The thought of having a child in care longer than they need to because of shoddy workmanship is just dreadful. But probably more common than one would like to think… But in the meantime, thank you, again.

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Tue 27-Oct-15 21:04:40

Hope it gets resolved. It does happen. Our DD was in care for at least 6 months longer than she needed to be because the Adoption Team essentially lost/forgot about her. Meanwhile, we were sitting approved and waiting. Obviously there are the memories we missed out on, but we'll also never know what developmental and emotional impact of that time was.

wonderingwhetherto Wed 28-Oct-15 12:20:10

Goodness girls, that is awful. So glad your DD is happy and settled now, the poor little thing, forgotten about, makes me well up just thinking about it. And thank you for your best wishes. In way of an update looks like the internal team are now taking it much more seriously and have been updating me regularly so far this week. Everything crossed for hitting December but we know what to do now if it starts looking shaky again.

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Thu 29-Oct-15 19:30:24

That sounds positive. Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

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