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The Other Side of Adoption on Radio 4 on Sunday 17 August 2015

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Italiangreyhound Mon 17-Aug-15 00:53:15

Yesterday I listened to 'The Other Side of Adoption' on Radio 4 on Sunday 17 August 2015.

The blurb says...

"Tim Whewell investigates the challenges of life post-adoption, discovers the remarkable tenacity of many adoptive parents faced with challenging behaviour, and asks what changes are being made to improve the current situation where a quarter of adoptive families face serious difficulties."

Some bits are quite tough and disturbing so please be aware.

Italiangreyhound Mon 17-Aug-15 00:53:37

Some bits are also inspirational.

poetboywonder Mon 17-Aug-15 08:26:30

it was Frank and to the point, any thing from adopters mouth is valuable but it was 35 minutes long and I don't feel it was investigative more explorative. I hope the dedicate more time to this. Still waiting for caring for our foster kids to air it's final installment on BBC which aired 3 eps then stopped

SawdustInMyHair Mon 17-Aug-15 20:56:56

It was good but as poetboy says too short to really explore it properly.

I didn't even know Protecting our Foster Kids had another episode, it's been so long I assumed there were just three!

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