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poetboywonder Sun 16-Aug-15 12:29:03

So we are just entering into stage two, We have done a lot of blog reading to try and get a true sense of it all, read some suggested lit but I wondered do any of you know of interesting online reads, theories, stories etc. There is such an absence of post adoption videos and media.
I need a trip to the library also, but wanted online reading.

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Sun 16-Aug-15 13:03:14

I completely freaked myself out reading the Adoption UK boards. A lot of grim reading, but also one of the most useful things ever was a thread on attachment called something like, Things I Wish I'd Done In The First Year.

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Sun 16-Aug-15 13:06:15

Me again! The stuff on the thread re the importance of funnelling was hugely useful and we just hadn't had much on that from SW. I then went on to read more offline, but for practical tips, it was brilliant.

Italiangreyhound Sun 16-Aug-15 15:25:23

I have found threads on here the most balanced and helpful. Just pick one and see how it goes. If it touches on themes that interest you then Google further. EG Dan Hughs on Attachment etc.

or start a thread with a specific question, e.g. Getting ready for new arrival etc and ask for advice, what to ask foster carers etc.

I found that all very useful.

poetboywonder Sun 16-Aug-15 15:54:36

these threads are already helping I already feel support and I'm not in need just yet. we just came back from the library. bit miffed it's not stocked well but will be buying some books too.

WereJamming Sun 16-Aug-15 17:10:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

poetboywonder Sun 16-Aug-15 19:01:37

ours hasn't been amazing thus far but I will ask.grin

JamHoneyMarmite Sun 16-Aug-15 20:21:52

Have you looked at The Open Nest? Has links to lots of resources including short films they've sponsored like this one:

I also like the Adoption Social which brings together lots of different adoption related internet stuff in their weekly shout out.

Daisiemoo Sun 16-Aug-15 20:37:17

Try the whole brain child. I found it easier than the Dan Hugh's books and its gives practical examples which you could try on most children. Also I struggled with playing as there was so many times you can play shops/hairdressers/baby's etc!! I signed up for change4life 10 min shake up. It comes with a load of playing cards with games on that as a child we have all played but as an adult you forget!! Great ideas for games to play and help build attachment by having fun. Which tbh in the early days you can struggle to remember to have fun.

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