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Adoption through Coram Cambs / generally

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Imps9 Thu 13-Aug-15 21:57:19


OH and I are about to start the adoption process and have no idea what to expect. Hoping that some of you may be able to share experiences and give advice on what the process entails.

Thanks in advance for any responses I might get smile

TeamAcorn Thu 13-Aug-15 23:34:33

I'm about to forward some links for threads on here that may give you the basics, I'll apologise now for them being one by one...blame my phone! After reading them they may give you some idea of specific areas you want more advice on. Everyone is lovely on here and I've got a lot out of reading threads and asking questions (under a few name changes). I've successfully used quite a few bits of info I've got from here as answers to SW assessment questions!

TeamAcorn Thu 13-Aug-15 23:35:26

This thread has a bit of info of step by step what's involved in terms of meetings/timescales/assessments etc..

TeamAcorn Thu 13-Aug-15 23:36:49

TeamAcorn Thu 13-Aug-15 23:38:37

Another one on getting started....

TeamAcorn Thu 13-Aug-15 23:41:19

TeamAcorn Thu 13-Aug-15 23:49:03

And sorry...If it isn't bad enough that I've probably gone against etiquette for multiple posts I do need to add one more because I was so rude blush I should have started with Hello and welcome smile Make sure your seat belt is fastened and you've checked that safety bar because it's definitely a roller coaster! But we're a couple of months short of it being 2 years since we made the call to our LA and we're now very happy (but very tired!) parents, so totally worth it smile

Imps9 Fri 14-Aug-15 06:44:05

Thanks Acorn! I will get reading...

Velvet1973 Fri 14-Aug-15 07:30:31

Hi Imps,
Welcome. Acorn has pretty much covered it there. I have no experience of adoption through coram cambs other than they were on my initial enquiry list. However as they tend to place harder to place children we decided to go with Peterborough LA. As Acorn said it is a real roller coaster and there will be some significant challenges along the way so be prepared! But good luck.

2old2beamum Sat 15-Aug-15 17:02:54

Hi we adopted our DS through Coram Cambridge and found them fantastic.
Our adopted son sadly died and we felt he had taught us so much we needed to offer another child with complex health needs a home. Due to our advancing years we approached Coram 7 weeks after beautiful boy's death. They welcomed us with open arms and 8 months later our new son was living with us.

Good luck

MarmiteChocolate Sun 16-Aug-15 15:16:22

As an adoption social worker I am astouded that any agency would agree to start an assessment so soon after such a profound loss.

2old2beamum Sun 16-Aug-15 18:16:14

MarmiteChocolate I can see your concern, but grieving and loving are so closely entwined that I feel you can grieve and love at the same time.

We have adopted 3 who have died, all came with short life expectancy and I firmly believe these children deserved a forever family.

The children were all deemed unadoptable (how horrid!!) Our last son now 16 languished in a childrens' home until he was 5 deafblind cerebral palsy and epilepsy nobody was interested. He now communicates well using on body sign language and we are so proud of him, Thankyou Coram for having faith in us and the placing authority.

Velvet1973 Sun 16-Aug-15 19:30:10

2old2beamum first of all sorry for your losses, I can't begin to imagine how hard that must be. You are incredible for being so strong and dedicated to improving the lives of so many children. Fwiw I think too many agencies have set rules and timescales regarding events, the more common obviously being fertility treatment. It's refreshing to see that some agencies are capable of looking at adopters and their situations as individual cases and making the decisions then that are appropriate. All the best to you and your family.

ac73 Mon 17-Aug-15 20:26:49

Hello, we are just going into Stage 2 with Coram. Live in Cambridge. Want to meet up for a cuppa and I'll fill you in on our journey so far? Would pm you but can't seem to get messenger to work!

AH1975 Tue 30-Aug-16 13:13:49

Hi ac73

I've just been reading this thread as we are just considering Coram and adoption. I work in Cambridge and was wondering if your offer to meet up for a cuppa might extend to me too? I realise that your offer was from a year ago smile

I hope all has worked out well for you and that Stage 2 is complete and that you may even have a DD or DS.

LS2142 Tue 30-Aug-16 21:33:19

Hi. We were moved to Coram London at the beginning of the year and they have been brilliant. Wasted over a year with our LA until Coram took over. Can't fault the. X

AH1975 Wed 31-Aug-16 12:37:53

Hi there - that's really good to know!

wildflowermeadows Fri 02-Sep-16 23:20:47

We are also looking into Coram Cambridgeshire, I wondered whether the fact they are a VA but doing the work of the LA would mean they have a lot more children?

ac73 Sun 04-Sep-16 14:37:43

Hello. We went through Coram Cambs. I think like most agencies now they have access to LinkMaker but are also aware of children within county and across the Eastern region who are in need of a forever family.

Vickflick Thu 27-Oct-16 17:51:34

Hi there

We are just about to put in our ROI to Coram Cambridgeshire and just wondered where everyone else was in the process? Also does anyone know of any local support groups? It would be so lovely to be able to meet up and have a chat!!

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