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We've got our court date

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Greatt84 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:48:37

Not long left, and my DH is adopting my daughter (her bio father is dead). 6th October is he big day!

Our SW is coming round end of this month to do the rest of the assessment. She is staying round all day to get it done in one go.

We are all incredibly excited now.

We are also extremely excited to be legally 'free' from the paternal grandmother who is a thorn in our side with the unhappiness she has caused us and our daughter over the years. Since having no contact for a year, life has been so much better. I do suddenly get anxious that she will apply for contact before our court date, but I doubt it - she's had a year already and not done anything. I think it's just me being overly anxious. Our SW (and also the first one) recommended no contact whatsoever with them.

Our SW is really lovely and so far it's been a brilliant experience

LastingLight Mon 10-Aug-15 17:48:09

How lovely to read a positive story about a SW. All the best for your assessment, it sounds as if it will go very well.

Greatt84 Mon 10-Aug-15 20:22:46

Thank you smile

She's amazing. She answers emails incredibly quickly. She even sent us one to wish us a happy holiday just before we left for Spainsmile

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