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Questions to ask child's social worker

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sarahlux Tue 14-Jul-15 12:53:38

We have finally been short listed for a child. Our social worker is in the middle of sorting out a meeting with the family finder and the child's social worker.

He has asked us to comply a list of questions to ask the child's social worker and was just wondering what sort of questions other people asked. We have a list but don't want to miss anything important


Tangerineandturquoise Tue 14-Jul-15 15:08:39

Is this your first adoption? Roughly what stage is the LO infant toddler small child?
Most people's first question is do you have pictures!

It is hard to say without knowing the profile (not that you should share that on here) but one question might be around contact with family- type and frequency
Are there other siblings
Has the placement order been granted- trust me you want to know that.
Time frame
I think you should ask the stuff you would rather know now than later on. So family mental health history-there will likely be some, but what are the combined risk factors and can you accept them.

I would also just remember to listen, hopefully the SW will have met the LO a couple of times and you can get a sense of the child. For our DC1 the team leader (who had led our prep course) just knew we would be a good match, for DC2 the profile went out to all perspective adopters in the team, and when we heard the SW's description we just knew.

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Tue 14-Jul-15 15:22:09

Meeting targets or any identified developmental delays

FC views on support needed in short and medium term

Family medical history

Intended plans for contact

Precise legal situation, including whether birth parents are expected to contest placement / adoption order

Wider family situation (other full / half siblings? Where are they?)

sarahlux Tue 14-Jul-15 16:30:38

The child is 5 months old if that helps. The PAR does have quite a lot of information. And yes it's our first child. Super nervous

abeandhalo Tue 14-Jul-15 16:53:28

For our meeting, we went through the PAR and then asked for more info on specific bits (and that turned out to be essential!) Asking what their needs our school wise is important, to help you find a school near you that can meet them.

I would also make sure you email this list of Qs to the children's social worker before hand, so that they come to the meeting armed with the answers!

Alljamissweet Tue 14-Jul-15 20:05:10

We made a list of things that reading between the lines weren't transparent in the PAR ......ours was out of date and included a lot of copy and pasting.....
Then we let the family finder speak, she was very thorough and experienced and answered nearly every question on our list.
We made sandwiches and a cake, offered tea, coffee and water.... Does no harm I reckon.
Good look.

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