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What happens next?

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Sillyshell Fri 03-Jul-15 13:44:47

Am fairly new to all of this and am hoping for that you can share your experiences with me.

We have met with the SW a couple of times and have been told we should hopefully be booked onto a preparation course in Oct/Nov. We are both due to have medicals next week and I am just wondering what to expect and how in depth it's likely to be?
I don't have any real concerns about it but am slightly worried they may advise DH needs to lose weight.

What happens then? Are we likely to meet with the SW again before the prep group?

I'm sure she has told us all of this, but my mind seems to have become blank about the whole process, there's just so much to think about.


etsybetsy Fri 03-Jul-15 14:05:06

Hi! Our medicals were very different because we happened to see 2 different drs at our surgery. My dr mostly talked and went through my medical history while DH got poked and prodded thoroughly! Not sure there's a set of rules as long as the dr feels they can give a professional opinion of you?

DH's BMI was quite high but he talked about his efforts to lose weight, soit wasn't an issue. It seemed the dr was happy that hubby knew how to live healthily.

We only met with a sw once for our initial assessment before the prep group and medicals. Once all of that was completed we were officially approved for stage 2 (nobody spoke to us, just got a letter) and were assigned a sw for our home study.

Every LA/VA works a bit differently, so just ask them if you're unclear. They shouldn't mind.

Good luck!

Kazza299 Fri 03-Jul-15 20:12:46

Medicals seem to vary hugely. Both my husband and I were asked to strip down to our underwear and then weighed and measured us and then asked us to get dressed? Hopefully this is not normal! Actually I had a breast examination. My husband is 6.4ft and very broad. He does lots of exercise and eats healthy but he has a high BMI. Not one was bothered at the time and we moved on but it did come up at panel!! Laughable!!!

Sillyshell Wed 08-Jul-15 16:27:12

Thanks for replying. Going this afternoon so will find out soon smile

Tangerineandturquoise Thu 09-Jul-15 10:58:50

How did you get on
The medical does vary, they are looking at future risks as well as current ones, and your GP will have to say if you have had counselling or anti depressants if they are on your file.

Sillyshell Thu 09-Jul-15 13:37:09

It went fine. Checked my height, weight, blood pressure etc. Was told I could probably do with losing a couple of pounds but she didn't seem overly concerned thankfully!

Need to have some blood taken to test my iron levels and my cholesterol levels but other than that was all good. Just had a general chat really about any health issues I have had, which luckily aren't very many.

Onto the next stage smile

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