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matching panel

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ann0102 Sun 28-Jun-15 11:49:25

Matching panel is in about 3 weeks. Should we be getting worried/anxious. (I am already). Or does the sw only take you to panel if they are sure of the match? Does panel ever disagree with a match?

RaspberrySnowCone Sun 28-Jun-15 13:48:09

As far as I know SW will not take you to any panel unless they are pretty confident. Obviously they can never 100% say panel wont find issue but it takes a huge amount of work for SW to prepare for these panels so they wouldn't put you through it if they didn't feel confident that the panel would recommend approval. It is nerve wracking though and I share your nerves!

MyPreciousRing Sun 28-Jun-15 15:57:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EatSleepRunRepeat Sun 28-Jun-15 19:08:44

Fine to feel nervous. Let's face it, it's a pretty big deal...

As long as you have confidence in your social worker, I wouldn't worry. They should have done all the work to get you ready and given you all the information you need to be ready for any questions you might get asked.

Have a good read through the CPR and any other information you've been given. Think about what questions might come up, support network? Arrangements for time off work? Training you've done? Medical questions?

Good luck, and enjoy a big slice of cake afterwards!

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