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anxious123 Tue 23-Jun-15 20:08:01

On Thursday I meet my sons forever mum. I'm more than a little nervous. Hand holding would be appreciated. I just keep telling myself it'll be worth it for when he's old enough to ask questions.

Doesn't mean it doesn't feel like I'm losing him all over again.

Velvet1973 Tue 23-Jun-15 20:26:24

Oh Anxious I can only imagine how hard it is for you but you are so right in it will be so good for him when he's older. I hope you are able to draw some comfort from the meeting as well by meeting his forever mum and knowing she loves your little man as much as you do and will do everything in her power to ensure he knows all about you.

MyPreciousRing Tue 23-Jun-15 23:48:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meercat23 Wed 24-Jun-15 09:05:37

When he is old enough to know you did this and to understand he will know that you loved him and wanted the very best for him. I am sure it will be hard but hold on to the reasons why you are doing it

Kewcumber Wed 24-Jun-15 11:11:14

Good luck Anxious, your sons adoptive mum will be every bit as nervous as you are. I admire those birth parents who can summon up the will to go through with this to help their child in future, I'm aware how terribly heartbreaking it must be.

Hopefully though it will give you some reassurance and also I suspect it makes contact going forward a great deal easier and will probably make for much more meaningful letter box contact in the future.

I hope it goes really well for you despite your understandable fears.

anxious123 Wed 24-Jun-15 12:57:33

Thank you all for your kind words. Thankfully my sons lovely social worker is taking me over. I was contemplating giving her a list of the songs I listened to when I was pregnant with him but didn't know how she'd feel about it x

Kewcumber Wed 24-Jun-15 18:03:18

I would give her whatever you feel you want to share with her or him. She probably won;t share that with him now (assuming her is pretty young) but I would imagine that she would put them into some kind of memory box for him.

UnderTheNameOfSanders Wed 24-Jun-15 21:03:20

Good luck Anxious
Meeting our daughters' BM has made it so much easier to write to her, as I have a feeling of who I am writing to. The adoptive parents will be feeling nervous too, and they will not be judging you. We just wanted to reassure the BM that we would love and protect the girls, and do everything we could to help them grow up well.

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Thu 25-Jun-15 06:35:16

All the best for today. You're doing something really special for your son.

anxious123 Thu 25-Jun-15 07:37:09

Thank you. I'm trying not to shake sad I just hope it goes okay

Kewcumber Thu 25-Jun-15 09:44:37

Thinking of you. Hope it goes better than you think.

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