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Step-parent adoption. First meeting with SW. What can we expect?

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Greatt84 Sat 13-Jun-15 20:28:19

In a week, we've got out first meeting with our names SW who will be doing the assessment for our family.

We have already had a lengthy chat with another SW who put us through to the next stage.

What can we expect from this meeting?

My daughter's bio dad is dead and I don't want the SW to walk in and cause any unnecessary upset or confusion for my daughter. She knows her birth story but so far it's never bothered as as she was a baby when he died.


Greatt84 Sat 13-Jun-15 20:39:47

That should say NAMED social worker

Everythingzrosie Sat 20-Jun-15 13:29:36

My dh adopted my son in 2011. It took a year, lots of intrusive questions and lead to having to find bio father to get his consent (was not nice considering he left me 4 months pregnant and had no involvement whatsoever in bringing up his bio child). Anyway, expect lots of 1:1 questions. Your daughter will have to speak to SW on her own. Then court, you will go in front of the judge who will check all is correct, will let you know if he/she will want more info before proceeding. Once all is fine, you will have your adoption day which is very special. It's informal. Involve as many members of your family as possible as we thought it was just us 3 that were allowed to go. We found out too later that as many members could come along. DS got an adoption teddy and certificate.
Good Luck with it all

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