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oasiswaterpool Wed 03-Jun-15 11:41:51

'But whilst we’ve come a long way, the adoption system is still highly fragmented. There are over 180 agencies recruiting and matching adopters for only 5000 children per year, and the majority of agencies still operate on a very small scale. Indeed, we still have over 3,000 children waiting to be adopted – half of whom have spent at least 18 months in care. That’s ten per cent of their childhood they won’t get back. And yet the frustration is that we already have enough approved adopters available. '

64x32x24 Wed 03-Jun-15 12:50:05

Kind of highlights that there are issues with matching. The last government reformed the approval process, which led to more approved adopters on the books; at the same time the Re B-S case caused fewer placement orders to come through. So there are many more adopters and many fewer children 'waiting'. And STILL the children (those relatively few with adoption plans) are waiting.

Clearly some agencies/authorities get it right, but from what I have seen, matching could hugely benefit from an overhaul.

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