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The Social worker biscuit provision debate!

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selly24 Sun 24-May-15 20:39:11

Social worker from a VA came for an initial home based meeting with us.

Think we served a very "different" - not at all stereotypical- selection of 'eats'!
Multigrain crackers, Comte cheese and sliced apple!
Against what I had been advised the SW DID drink coffee ( 2 black nespressos!) AND a glass of water!
We will probably considered odd....?

mydogistalking Sun 24-May-15 20:53:57

When the SW and Family Finder for our kids came, we bought a new vintage china teapot with milk jug and sugar bowl, fancy cups and saucers, a Marks & Spencer sandwich platter, fruit salad, variety of snacks. We did Gluten Free and vegetarian options. And we had kitted the house out like a cross between santa's grotto and a crèche.

I was so nervous I didn't trust myself to make sandwiches and not cut my fingers off. I polished the chair my own SW was SITTING IN just before the other 2 arrived.

I'm pretty sure our SW wondered who the hell we were, having started our stage 2 home study like relatively normal humans.

We are really weird but we still got matched!!

etsybetsy Mon 25-May-15 08:27:27

I think it's important to just be yourself. It's less stressful than trying too hard and also shows who you really are. I bet SWs become tired of the same offerings home after home anyway, so crackers, cheese and apple would have been a rather welcome treat! And shows you off as healthy eaters. Thinking about it, I'm not sure we offered any nibbles during our initial visit (and still got approved!).

Wow, mydogistalking, we offered a biscuit selection at our linking meeting and thought we were pushing the boat out by including chocolate ones!

HermioneWeasley Mon 25-May-15 09:21:20

Our SW normally worked on extreme abuse cases so was delighted to be in a home where he was welcome, with 2 functioning adults. He always had a cup of tea and a biscuit. He said it was like going on holiday coming to ours.

researchbookworm Mon 25-May-15 15:26:20

Our SW is a great disappointment to me- she doesn't drink tea or coffee and has always declined biscuits (although she did once eat a piece of cake)... We will have to get something good in for our matching meeting when that happens!

RaspberrySnowCone Mon 25-May-15 17:43:51

We had our matching meeting at home recently and were advised by our SW to get some biscuits after telling us at stage 1 that the biscuit thing was a bit of a myth so it became a bit of a standing joke. At the end when the conversation felt a little less tense I forced them all to have one as they were M&S but DH got grumpy as they were extremely nice and he wanted them all. SWs polished off a fair few and he got the grumps that there weren't many left for him :D

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Wed 27-May-15 12:42:18

I gave the recipe for my homemade biscuits to our SW wink <polishes domestic goddess halo>

She only ever sipped at a small glass of water, though!!

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