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ann0102 Thu 14-May-15 16:31:34

Hi, I'm more of a lurker here than an asker, but here goes.

Our second opioion visit resulted in a recommendation of a girl, but panel approved for either sex, which is what we wanted. Our second opioion sw is now our main sw and 4 weeks ago brought us details of a boy to look at!

But we haven't heard anymore yet. Does it normally take this long for the child's sw to read our PAR? And will they be worried about the second opioion?

This wait is killing me.....sad

MoJangled Fri 15-May-15 00:47:20

Another mainly lurker here at the same stage. I don't know about the second opinion thing, but in terms the wait - we've had a couple of children put in front of us bovver the last 6 months - only with summary profiles, not the full report - and each time not heard anything for weeks. Our (lovely) SW says it's basically a scrum around any available children at the moment as there are so few, so the children's SW may be inundated with adopter profiles and we may only hear if ours makes it to the top. I've ended up assuming that nothing's going to happen, as it prevents me from having to hold my breath for each prospective match. sorry not to be more positive - I hope you have better news soon!

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