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Dear F

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Emu1969 Tue 17-Feb-15 23:45:02

You'll be reading this when much water has passed under the bridge. A lot might have been said, discovered, disputed. You will have been angry, frustrated and even disappointed by the hand that life has played you.

But I want you to know about a moment. A moment when I was sat on the bench at the back of our garden today. When you, merely two years of age, we're poking around in flowerpots with a stick. And I was sanding a piece of wood. You asked me: "What doing, Daddy?" And the sun and everything happy and hopeful was in your eyes. You came and sat next to me.

Whatever life throws our way, F, let us get back to that moment. You have brought everything wonderful into our lives. Whatever comes tomorrow brings, we always have that. Love you.

RockCrushesLizard Tue 17-Feb-15 23:55:04


Italiangreyhound Wed 18-Feb-15 01:04:56

thanks some more flowers for your garden to go with RockCrushesLizard's flowers.

LastingLight Wed 18-Feb-15 04:54:11

Beautiful moment

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