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a bit of light at the end of my own particular tunnel!

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Italiangreyhound Sun 18-Jan-15 23:42:13

Things have been a bit heavy last couple of weeks.


Now there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

DS is calmer, we had a quiet weekend and he is more relaxed when there is less telly or computer games. He does love his telly and computer and he is really good at the computer but he seems to thrive better when playing with dd and the two of them just go off into their own little world or he is doing his stuff on his own and not playing set games, but he does like his set games!

With dd I have just tried lots of love and hugs, compliments whenever I can (praise) and we have had a couple of date nights where we go out for dessert after dinner when ds is having his bath. DD was actually quite good in that she didn't brag to ds about going out with me! Very mature for her.

Italiangreyhound Sun 18-Jan-15 23:42:33

Thanks for all your wise words and comments.

YouAreMyRain Sun 18-Jan-15 23:53:45

So pleased for you greyhound, it sounds like things are really settling down! smile

Italiangreyhound Mon 19-Jan-15 01:18:27

For the moment Rain. The weekends are easier as dh is around and he is pretty good at the practical and fun stuff. He does try really hard with discipline and consistency and he is good at the outdoor park and garden stuff.

That is why weekends are easier. The ratio of adults to kids is 2 to 2. Which is why you have a tough job having three. Partly, of course. I know there is more to it. So I am very thankful that things have gone better.

I also KNOW TV is my enemy here. It helps to make the kids less receptive to each other (and definitely to me) and even though they only watch CITV and CBeebies it kind of has a knock on effect. It is mostly the Horrid Henry 'Nappy baby' and maybe some programmes like it, all that finger waggling, backside wiggling, 'nah nah nah nah nah!' if you know what I mean.

DD loves Tv and always has, so do I and did my dad (who I suspect was dyslexic) and so does my brother in law, and we are (me, DD and BIL) all dyslexic. I have read dyslexic people are visual image fans! I am pretty sure DS is not at all dyslexic, in fact I think he may turn out very academic, he is very logical and alert, ahead in language for his age and I think he will go far. But he loves computers and stuff and I think he too is drawn to that blinking box!

So I have started a new thread to ask for advice about weaning kids off TV!

It is here

Italiangreyhound Mon 19-Jan-15 01:20:37

Sorry 'weaning' is the wrong word. I should say watching less!

LastingLight Mon 19-Jan-15 10:34:21

My DD is definitely better behaved when we restrict screen time.

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