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Kewcumber Thu 15-Jan-15 22:06:22

So we went to my grandma's funeral on Tuesday, DS and I. I gave my two (grown) nieces a lift because my git of a brother didn't go (long story).

DS loved them in the car with us so that was a bonus. We got there (4 hour drive) just in time to change and in the 15 minutes we were changing, the weather changed from blue skies to blizzard shock.

DS and I sat in the front row and he was a star, I was so proud of him. He was bored but sat still and didn't move a muscle, behaved impeccably. I warned him I would cry (I cracked during "The Old Rugged Cross" which was my grandfathers favorite) and he was fine about it. I have to say he struggled to sing "Calon Lan", but hissed at me in a loud whisper afterwards "I DID MY BEST, MUM"

It was a Salvation Army funeral with the band playing which was a delight as my had his brother played in the band themselves and he was a lifelong trumpet player. For a 97 year old there were loads of people there and the view from the huge picture windows behind the preacher was of uninterrupted rolling Welsh countryside which was truly lovely.

Then at the reception afterwards DS worked the room, introducing himself to all and sundry. The only bit I actually heard was him chatting up the tea lady

"Hello, whats your name?"
"Pleased to meet you Deborah my name's Gherkin"
blah blah blah... couldn't hear...
"Well I have to go now Deborah, it's been a pleasure to meet you" shakes hands, leaving Deborah making gestures at me saying in virtual sign language "OMG he's SOOOO cute"

As we left he obviously decided it was a bit rude leaving unannounced so turned to those left in the fairly large room and announced loudly...


To which the whole room stopped talking and virtually as one obediently replied "BYE!"

He charmed the welsh rellies and I am now in no doubt that he can rely on a home with any one of them should anything happen to me. I suspect he may even get several proposals of marriage from those with unsuspecting girl children.

I thought he might well have a career ahead of him in the diplomatic corps and then this morning had to work in the headmasters office he got into so much trouble... so maybe not...

And then near the end, my father took me aside and told me that I was in my grandmothers will and gave me the diamond ring she had shown me when I was about DS's age and told me "This will be yours one day". Neither of us would know that would be another 40 years and I couldn't believe that she remembered that promise though her will had been changed several times. I would have been happy to wait another 10 years for it, but I look forward to the day I might be able to surprise my grand-daughter in the same way.

Kewcumber Thu 15-Jan-15 22:06:54

Oh man that was way longer than I'd meant

hesterton Thu 15-Jan-15 22:09:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Velvet1973 Thu 15-Jan-15 22:16:22

Ah Kew that's brought a tear to my eye! What a very proud Mummy you must have been on such a difficult day. He does indeed sound awesome!

Italiangreyhound Thu 15-Jan-15 23:54:11

Thinking of you today. thanks

Hugs to your fabulous ds.

MyPreciousRing Fri 16-Jan-15 00:07:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kewcumber Fri 16-Jan-15 12:43:29

I was so proud of him. He was was a star.

anxious123 Fri 16-Jan-15 14:21:09

Such sad circumstances but your DS sounds wonderfully well balanced x

KristinaM Fri 16-Jan-15 22:15:00

I'm glad your grandmother had a such a good send off

" promoted to glory " I think they say in the salvation army

And Ds ( I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to call him gherkin ) obviously was a complete star . Clearly he has his mothers charm smile

How lovely to have your grandmothers ring . Please wear it often and don't keep it for " good" . You may need to get the setting checked incase the claws are loose ( oftenr a problem on old rings )

Kewcumber Fri 16-Jan-15 22:30:27

Funny you should say that Kristina, just today I took it to the jewellers to get it resized and they said they would have the claws checked at the same time. I'm a bit intimidated by it (its a bit bigger than I remember) but I did decide I would wear it because one of the reasons I was pleased to get it was that I remember her wearing it as a younger woman (as I like to think of people in their 50's now - guess what my next birthday is shortly).

There are times when DS is very hard to corral but I can't deny that he is effortlessly charming.

KristinaM Sat 17-Jan-15 09:14:11

You are tall so you will be able to carry off a big piece of jewellery

And you don't look a day over 40

Charm is a wonderful thing - DH has it as does DS3 and they both get away with murder

DS3 is the one who is the same age as yous but he's not handsome like yours, he's cute . He has a cute voice and is doted on by all the big girls at school . They used to carry him around when he was in reception .

The little girls love him as he says things like " you are very pretty Holly and I love your hair . Will you play Moshe monsters with me ? "

I'm not sure how this will work in high school but we'll see ......

BumWad Sat 17-Jan-15 09:19:49

Oh your post made me grin ear to ear. Sorry to hear about your granny. Your son sounds like an absolute gem, lucky lucky you smile

trafficjam Sat 17-Jan-15 11:04:26

Sorry to hear about your loss, Kew but glad to hear ds charmed the room. You must be so proud of him.

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