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2015 PUPIL PREMIUM DEADLINE and New Adoption support fund details

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fasparent Thu 08-Jan-15 00:53:05

DEDLINE for New 2015 application's January 13th also too include NEW premium for early years (from age 2)£300. Schools £1900pa see for details. applications for children leaving care into Adoption, Special Guardianship Orders, and Residency Orders. applications via child's school /Nursery with copy of court order.
Also the New Adoption Support fund is effective from MAY for all UK LA's
for post adoption support too age 18 (25 if child has SEN Statement) not sure of criteria as will be released in May . again see but can enquire at help number , would say more people who enquire the better before they set criteria.
AREAS of After adoption support do seem too be improving be it slowly

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