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Want to adopt again

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Mum2lots Wed 07-Jan-15 21:41:52

I really am blessed iv adopted 2 already siblings 3 and 1 single xx I also have to Bc. We never intended
To adopt hahaha we was foster carers I just have the urge to do it one more time older sibling group that will fill an age gap !!! Am I mad please share experiences !!!

Mum2lots Wed 07-Jan-15 21:43:32

It should say twice not 2 ????

Italiangreyhound Wed 07-Jan-15 22:58:43

I believe that there is evidence that it is best to adopt in chronological order so your new adopted children should be younger than your current children.

If you adopt a new child/children in between the ages of your current kids the younger ones could feel very displaced. If you want to adopt again can you wait until your current 1 year old is 2 or 3 and look into adopting a baby?

I understand as an experienced adopter, foster career, and birth parent that you are very aware of the need for good homes for kids but your duty of ongoing care for your current little ones of course, as I know you know, trumps new, as yet unknown, children.

I think fostering again might be different and you may be able to foster children older than your little ones short term but I would still feel the little ones may find this hard and would say fostering a new younger child might be better.

I am an adopter and birth mum and not as experienced as you so I am just offering my humble opinion.

All best wishes for whatever you decide to pursue.

Mum2lots Wed 07-Jan-15 23:35:30

Sorry Italian I didn't make my post clear

Bs 22 yrs
Bd 19
AD 17
AD 14
AS 6
AD 4

I totally agree with the birth order research xx but I know fostering short term is not for us sad no more all children are pretty amazing xxxx I just see a massive glaring gap 6-14 yrs and think mmmmmmmm Mabey long term fostering xxx

2old2beamum Thu 08-Jan-15 10:19:29

Just to add my experience, I have never fostered but have 3 BC's and have adopted 8 (all single adoptions) Age range 46-9 shock. My cousin has adopted 10 (26-7) and has just had a 5 month old placed'

Be warned adoption is addictive I have sealed letterbox with strong tape

Good luck

Mum2lots Thu 08-Jan-15 23:58:01

Wow just wow xxx are you in UK xxx

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