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Early years special needs services...

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Swizzle99 Wed 17-Dec-14 22:46:23

We have recently been linked to a lovely little one who has some additional needs.

He has a full diagnosis and is currently receiving a lot of support from various professionals whilst in his foster placement.

My question is, how easily will these services and support transfer when he is placed with us?

He is out of county, and I just can't seem to work out where to start with everything! Is it down to his current team to refer him? Or his social worker? Also will his equipment come with him or will it need to be re-issued (so to speak) by our local nhs trust?

Any advice would be most welcome!!

slkk Wed 17-Dec-14 23:30:21

It sounds like your lo has greater needs than ours. However when our ds was placed we were told a referral would be made from old la to new la for his therapies to continue. However new health visitor referred him anyway and we were a few months into therapy before anything came from old la. If your lo' s conditions are more serious and his treatments more vital then I would nag and nag until you are sure everything is in place before placement. Sorry I don't know about equipment but I'm sure it must be the same as if someone is moving house with their family. Maybe someone on the special needs board will know.

fasparent Thu 18-Dec-14 00:52:09

Would contact your LA and speak too them regards too the New Adoption Support Plan which starts May 2015 some LA's are piloting this at the moment see All information and equipment should come with child unless they are on loan from NHS trust but can be used and returned until your trust provide. Good liaison between FC's Health care worker and your health care worker would be worth establishing early, community nurse service also if they are being used., and any such like supporting services.
You could also contact first4adoption for advice.

fasparent Thu 18-Dec-14 01:00:19

Sorry did say Adoption support plan, should have said " Adoption support FUND.

fasparent Thu 18-Dec-14 12:36:08

Would keep an eye on the first4adoption Webb site as the New Adoption support fund develops as new details will be published, Should support SEN adopted children too age 18 and up too age of 25 dependant on disability.

2old2beamum Thu 18-Dec-14 21:44:28

Our last 2 adopted children with special needs had a wheelchair each (but that was supplied by the NHS) DS was in residential care so we expected very little and DH made him a "safe" bed. Our LA threw a wobbly and the placing authority paid for 2 ceiling hoists. Apart from this nought!! He is deafblind and our LA paid for us to go on a course for on body sign language.

DD came with W/C and placing authority provided a bed and nothing else!!

But we are very lucky as they are a joy (and a worry smile)

In all seriousness one thing I would say is make sure you get a very full medical history, with 3 of our LO's we have been landed with many problems that should have been flagged up at placement.

Please enjoy your LO it is the best thing we have ever done!!

fasparent thanks for link.

fasparent Thu 18-Dec-14 22:54:29

Glad too supply link, must say the more people phone and ask advice the better, how will they understand problems if the phone don't ring.

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