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Can you believe my teeny tiny premmie developmentally delayed baby is 9!

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Kewcumber Sat 29-Nov-14 23:11:10

He is nine today - I cannot think of it and of him and how tiny he was and how worried I was without wanting to cry. And now he's a strapping (really I mean significantly above average rugby-playing strapping) 9 year old.

I have had him 8 years and we've both survived. Indeed, thrived. I'm so proud of him, he's such a fighter.

I haven't even blubbed about his birth mother today, it feels all about him. He's has such a good day - went to see Paddington last night then had about 4,000 boys over for a sleepover in my living room. He had about 3 hours sleep and then we met family for lunch which he managed (barely!) to stay awake for.

He dozed off for 20 minutes (unheard of) at teatime cuddling... his new nerf gun!

I can't help it - I have to post some photos...

wreckingball Sat 29-Nov-14 23:13:38

I would like a 'like' button just for this, how lovely!.
Congratulations. flowers

Agrestic Sat 29-Nov-14 23:13:50

Happy birthday minikew!!

Opheliabumps Sat 29-Nov-14 23:16:09

Aw, happy birthday MiniKew! He is just gorgeous and strapping, you deserve to be properly proud of what you've achieved together grin
PS how was Paddington? I desperately want to see it but my DTs aren't interested sad

Kewcumber Sat 29-Nov-14 23:21:39

Well I rather enjoyed it Ophelia - so did the boys.

callamia Sat 29-Nov-14 23:23:39

He's beautiful and brilliant. Happy Birthday, to all of you

Devora Sat 29-Nov-14 23:27:05

Happy birthday handsome boy! You must be so proud of him, Kew. (I'm rather proud of myself for having introduced him to Minecraft - no need to thank me, I know there are no words.) Nerf gun being requested in this house - what does it fire? Water, caps, plutonium? Is it noisy? Will I regret it?

Jameme Sat 29-Nov-14 23:40:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oldnewmummy Sat 29-Nov-14 23:45:01

Happy Birthday!

Kewcumber Sat 29-Nov-14 23:57:55

Devora- playdate after Xmas and D's can introduce dd to his fine selection of nerf guns. They fire foam darts. You will spend the next 5 years picking up foam bullets from random places. Otherwise they are fine.

Devora Sun 30-Nov-14 00:07:32

I've just about finished teasing loom bands out of the carpet, so I'm up for a new challenge. I'll look forward to nerf gun armageddon in the new year.

dd is just coming out of her Katniss Everdene phase, stalking the house with a bow and arrow. Clearly the gateway drug to foam guns.

slkk Sun 30-Nov-14 00:09:31

Lovely pics

Italiangreyhound Sun 30-Nov-14 00:11:30

He is so gorgeous. Happy Birthday handsome boy.

Lilka Sun 30-Nov-14 00:52:43

Happy Birthday to him! He's a very handsome boy smile

Last year someone thought it was a great idea to buy my DS a gun that fires these tiny yellow plastic pellets. He's not used it in months, but I still find the damn things hiding in unexpected places sometimes. And step on them. Which hurts

Stick with nerf guns. Foam is easier on the sole grin

excitedmtb Sun 30-Nov-14 06:55:21

lovely lovely smile

LastingLight Sun 30-Nov-14 07:07:40

Hope you both had a great day!

Daisiemoo Sun 30-Nov-14 08:52:35

Happy birthday mini Kew!
Kew I read your blog about your journey this week. Loved it! cakeflowers

RhinosAreFatUnicorns Sun 30-Nov-14 09:00:52

Lovely smile Happy Birthday mini Kew! cake

MerryInthechelseahotel Sun 30-Nov-14 09:15:39

Happy birthday minikew you are very very gorgeous!

From a mum of a very proud nerf gun owner

Hels20 Sun 30-Nov-14 09:29:22

Beautiful boy! Bet the time has wizzed past - and so brilliant that you can share some photos!

youarewinning Sun 30-Nov-14 09:36:48

Wow happy birthday minikew.

don't tell my DS you had one of those guns or he'll never forgive me!

molesbreath Sun 30-Nov-14 09:44:49

How lovely !

I remember your threads from 8 years ago as my ds was born a month later as I was a regular on the dec ante natal group.

Can't believe where all that time has gone - you've done a grand job he looks a very happy boy x

Kewcumber Sun 30-Nov-14 14:49:25

Devora - DS is excited by the idea of educating DD in the ways of Nerf.

We must fix a date now...

DS has apparently had the best birthday ever

YouAreBoring Sun 30-Nov-14 15:02:26

cake. What a lovely thread. Hope you all havea fantastic day.

Jamfilter Sun 30-Nov-14 17:59:42

Brilliant update and fab photos! Happy birthday junior Kew smile

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