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Adopting a 2nd child

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ShootingStarsinthesky Sat 08-Nov-14 17:07:15

I vaguely recall this being brought up on our initial Adoption Course but cannot remember the answer. I wonder if any of you know? If you adopt a child and then wish to adopt another child does the second child have to be the younger of the 2 children??

Italiangreyhound Sat 08-Nov-14 17:18:34

I would suggest it is essential for the second child to be younger, keep the children in chronological order. It would be quite unusual for anyone to recommend doing anything different from this for very valid reasons about children's identity and place in the family.

Piffyonarock Sat 08-Nov-14 17:24:13

Yes, would be very unusual to adopt out of birth order. They usually like a couple of years in between placements too where possible.

ShootingStarsinthesky Sat 08-Nov-14 17:54:36

Thank you yes that makes sense.

floatyjosmum Sun 09-Nov-14 12:10:30

There is some research that suh gets that you could adopt out of order but only in certain circumstances.

To adopt a child older there needs to be 3 years age gap but the youngest child needs to under 3 - by all able counts they have discovered their place by then.

If you already have two you could adopt in the middle but there should be at least 3 years either side so you're looking at a 6 year plus age gap between the children you already have

floatyjosmum Sun 09-Nov-14 12:10:53


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