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LastingLight Tue 03-Jun-14 07:30:45

So DD (almost 12) and I were talking about what happens after death and I asked her if she can remember anything from before she was born, expecting her to say no. "Yes," she said, "I remember it being warm and cosy, and my mommy playing music to me and telling me about her day. Ask daddy, he will remember." I replied "Daddy won't know my sweetheart, he wasn't there". DD: "Really, why not?" Me: "Because he only met you when you were 11 months old". DD: "Oh, ok, well that's what I remember". (DH was married to DD's BM, who died when DD was 2).

She knows DH is not her bio father but seems to forget it frequently. I wish I didn't have to remind her but that's the right thing to do, isn't it?

Hels20 Tue 03-Jun-14 08:14:47

Sounds like you handled this well, LastingLight. I am a novice at all of this adoption stuff but that sounds like a good answer. Your poor DD - all those losses in her life.

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