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Can you recommend a parent-facing buggy?

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HGrace Mon 02-Jun-14 14:34:01

We're about to adopt a 10 month old boy. We are looking for a parent-facing buggy. Ideally, we'd choose a one-type-fits-all buggy that copes with rough terrain as well as a trip to the shops. Is this realistic? Any recommendations or buggies to avoid?

NickyEds Mon 02-Jun-14 14:57:32

We have a Quinny Buzz. It's really good for off roading but the basket is only small. It has both forward and parent facing options but the parent facing is quite laid back so LO isn't sat up right facing you- a 10 month old might want to be a bit more upright.. The forward facing bit you have the option of laid back or sat up.

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 02-Jun-14 15:17:25

The things you need to look for when choosing a buggy IMHO are
1 handle or 2,
1 handle good for pushing if carrying the baby
2 handles good for shopping bags
But you can get ones that are both

The type of material on the handle, leather, plastic or foam

I have leather, I would pick at the foam, I have no self control. blush

Will it fold parent facing or do you not mind?
How heavy it is to put in the car?
What the wheels are made of
Either solid wheels, tyres (so you can get punctures) or solid foam filled tyres
the width of the wheel base and how long it is.
The best thing to do is go to a pram shop and push them around, then come home and read reviews.

I've got a mutsy evo that my 10 month old is in just now, it pushes very smoothly and is quite light to push.
it does take up 3/4 of my car boot (Astra) and doesn't fold parent facing.
The handle is adjustable as myself an dh are tall.
I really like it as its not too wide wheels, and not too long and I don't kick the back when I walk.
I've not seen a lot of them about for some reason, but I like it.

dinkystinky Mon 02-Jun-14 15:21:43

Baby jogger city versa GT - I have a versa and love love love mine. DS3 is a tall 10 month old and has loads of space to grow into it (have put a tired DS2 aged 5 in it before and he managed to fit in)

BertieBotts Mon 02-Jun-14 15:23:03

You should definitely post on the pushchairs forum on here, the ladies there are crazy knowledgeable about every pram on the market!

MrsM2509 Mon 02-Jun-14 15:35:25

My friends have recommended to me (depending on whether were approved and get a child going enough for pushchair) that oyster max, graco symbio b, baby jogger city versa and quinny buzz are their favourites for parent facing

pickles184 Mon 02-Jun-14 15:35:30

The Jane rider or trider will face forward or towards parent, easy to fold down etc.. I have the rider and it has been brilliant from birth to now 18mnths and to be honest I can't see me switching until she walks further and a lightweight umbrella type will seem more practical.
We walk approx 3-4 miles a day on footpaths and grass tracks with ease, we have been to a number of events with rough terrain and it has been great, but more suspension would probably help make it more comfortable if this was a regular thing.
It is worth trying as many as you cam out as I think everyone has different priorities. If you can take the car and see how well it fits if this is important and you can try putting up/down and handling etc..

Kewcumber Mon 02-Jun-14 21:09:50

Let me give you one tip - I adopted similar age to you and got a forward facing more substantial prammy type thing and a lighter weight forward facing pushchair.

The forward facing pushchair was a disaster - I wound it big and cumbersome and almost impossible to control when DS was facing me (something to do with which wheels are fixed). I think it got used about 3/4 times!

I used the sling when not going too far and the forward facing pushchair other times

IN fact DS very quickly once he was walking (which in your case could be anywhere from 2 months to 10 months) refused to get in and spent most of his time pushing the pushchair!

Forward facing pushchair was a big waste of money - I'd strongly advise that you try any model out with some heavy shopping in it to see how easy it is to push and fold - with a 10 month old you'll get much less use out of a bigger pushchair than having a child from birth.

BertieBotts Mon 02-Jun-14 21:16:41

Oh I don't know, I had a rear-and-forward facing one which was biggish and more cumbersome and a cheap stroller, I used them both right up until he stopped using pushchairs at 3ish. I liked the big one because it had good suspension and was bouncy and comfy and he could lean forwards onto the bumper bar bit. And the basket was bigger. I had a Loola Up but this is 6 years ago now so there's probably something better, but I loved it. Snuggly in the winter, cool in the summer, HUGE sun canopy thing, fixed or rotating wheels. The stroller seemed cold in the winter because it was just a thin piece of metal and material between him and the cold air whereas the bigger one was more cushiony. I used to take it on buses as well, it wasn't too huge.

This was from birth but I'd go for the parent facing one if you want it. They might go through a phase of wanting to turn around the other way, in my experience DS went through phases. But it was lovely to be able to chat to him.

TulipsfromAmsterdam Mon 02-Jun-14 21:22:01

I can recommend bugaboos. We have a Cameleon which can be used parent facing until LO is approx 2. Also the Bee which is not as good for parent facing for as long but should be fine for a year or so. The bee is compact and folds in one piece facing either way smile

Sharon09108 Mon 02-Jun-14 21:37:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

kazza446 Mon 02-Jun-14 21:44:55

I'm on to my 4th child and my 6th pushchair. I've got a Quinny buzz and absolutely love it. My best pushchair by far. It's a dream to push, cam be back or forward facing, has adjustable handlebar, dismantles easily for the car and my little one loves it.
Congratulations by the way, enjoy your baby x

HGrace Tue 03-Jun-14 17:55:32

Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and congratulations - it's a whole new world so I really appreciate the tips!

chocolateWaffles Sun 08-Jun-14 19:39:03

Have a look at the redkite zebu if you're still choosing one, 3 reclining settings forward or rear facing, folds easily either way, easy to steer one handed if carrying baby, large basket underneath, large back wheels for over grass or rough ground, and not too wide or long and easy to steer so good for shops.

Pollaidh Sun 08-Jun-14 19:57:40

Uppa Baby Vista is a travel system, the buggy part does forward and reverse facing. It has an enormous basket, steers easily, is easy to set up and collapse. Single handle and can easily be steered single handedly. Adjustable handlebar - useful if you're tall. Also compatible with Maxi-cosi and some other car seats. Also substantial and quite tough for rough ground, pavements and cobbles (lock the front wheels for cobbles).

HappySunflower Sun 08-Jun-14 20:12:34

I would recommend an Oyster or the BabyJogger versa
Both easy to fold and quite lightweight.

mineallmine Tue 10-Jun-14 00:26:31

I have a bugaboo and love it. Did is 3 1/2 now so we don't use it much any more but it's been great. Dd was 14 months at adoption and we had her facing us for many months.

LadyStark Tue 10-Jun-14 00:37:31

That's very exciting HGrace, congratulations!

We had a Stokke Xplory which we loved, it can face you and it's so high that you do end up talking lots, it's great if you're planning on using the buggy for lots of walking - we had a 20min nursery run that made it worth every penny.

It is expensive though, and not that convenient for carrying shopping unless you buy accessories.

LadyStark Tue 10-Jun-14 00:39:32

Here is a link,default,pd.html - they retail well second hand too (although we used ours until DD was 3 so didn't sell on).

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