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We're adopting a 10 month old boy - what do we need to buy?!

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HGrace Sun 01-Jun-14 15:44:37

Hi I'm new to mumsnet. We've been matched with a 10 month old boy and he's moving in in about a month's time! We're starting from scratch...what are the must-haves for looking after a boy of his age? Any top-tips for making things simpler also appreciated!

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:05:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:06:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BikeRunSki Sun 01-Jun-14 16:09:11

Nightlight too
Is he walking do you know? Wellies if he is!
Do you know his weight? At 10 months he could be ready for a Group 1 car seat. It's an expensive mistake if you get the wrong size!
Sun hat, uv suit, sunscreen

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:09:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:10:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:11:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pr1mr0se Sun 01-Jun-14 16:15:42

Some ideas:
Stair gate - I'd expect a 10 month old to be crawling (or even starting to totter) so a stair gate might be necessary.
Car seat.
Sort out a routine that works for you - it will help him settle if he knows what to expect from day to day.
Don't introduce lost of new friends within the first few weeks. There will be enough new/ change to get used too without additional new faces.
Toys - I would get some soft toys that can be part of the bed time routine.
Board books - some simple ones you can read to him (time on lap reading to him will help you bond too).
You've probably got this bit but just in case - Nappies, shampoo etc, Blanket/ bedding.
A good idea to still get a baby monitor (one such as BT with lights and music is a great resource).
Do your research on local toddler / baby events so that you can do some socialising (both you and him). Do it now whilst you have time to look.
Mumsnet, library or even a google 'toddler events + your location' should come up with plenty of ideas. You can then start going when you are both used to each other. It's normal for people with new borns to not socialise much for at least six weeks after the birth so don't assume it will necessarily be any different for you. Expect to feel knackered, is what I'm really saying!

Happy for you to message me if you have any questions.

WhyBeHappyWhenYouCouldBeNormal Sun 01-Jun-14 16:18:50

A sling! Wrap style like papoozle, Perfect for clingy babies, bonding and attachment stuff but means you can still get on with stuff.

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:18:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HGrace Sun 01-Jun-14 16:19:00

Wow - fantastic! Thank you soooo much for your suggestions! It helps to get us up to speed with what's about to happen. Livvy - what a star you are! Really appreciate the time you've taken to add to our list!

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:19:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PicaK Sun 01-Jun-14 16:20:35

Fisher price garage. Big enough for him to stand up and hold unlike the elc tiny one.

Fisher price walker.

ELC cars.

They'll keep him happy. Think about making nappy changes as quick as possible and easy to do one handed (you'll need the other one to pin him down!)

Feeding chair with secure straps - if he's a list be wire who likes to throw himself from side to side (like my ds)

See if there are any NCT sales on in your area as you'll get some real bargains (if you offer to help you'll get in for the preview shop). You can never have too many stair gates! (NCT are for parents of kids up to 1000 days old so you could join a local committee - good way to immerse yourself in this new world.

Buy about 4 sippy cups. Better to have too many than too few. Set up basket/bag in car for nappy change stuff. That way you only need to carry 1-2 nappies, 1 pack wipes and sudocreme in a tube in your bag. Look where you put your bag when you come in the house. It needs a spot so it's in view and you remember to replenish stocks before you go out.

Buy small containers for all the bits of food you need. One for cutup grapes, one for bits of cheese etc etc.

Look for classes, baby groups with plenty of opportunity to crawl, toddle and move around. The more active the better.

He'll be big enough to sit in a push trike - the more you spend the easier they are to push - good if you plan lots of walks round the park.

Hope that helps.

Pr1mr0se Sun 01-Jun-14 16:20:39

You don't need a changing bag specifically if you don't already have one - just a big bag with some pockets/ zipped sections to help you find stuff.

Oh and some advice since you asked - when changing a nappy for a boy, put a tissue over him straight away as they have the habit of weeing the moment you undo the nappy and you could get wee in your eye (or worse). Hint of fresh air = wee opportunity!

Get lots of packs of wipes in so you have them to hand in several rooms of the house. You'll find they are useful for everything.

HGrace Sun 01-Jun-14 16:22:15

WhyBe - Love the idea of a sling! Can you still use a sling at 10 months?

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:22:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PotteringAlong Sun 01-Jun-14 16:22:54

For info on slings if you were interested! Congratulations grin

PicaK Sun 01-Jun-14 16:23:43

That should read live wire.

And little boys' tackle POINTS DOWN in the nappy.

PotteringAlong Sun 01-Jun-14 16:23:52

Ooh, cross posts! Can definitely use at 10 months - I still carry my 2.6 year old!

If there is a sling library near you they will be able to help.

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:24:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Livvylongpants Sun 01-Jun-14 16:26:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BertieBotts Sun 01-Jun-14 16:29:20

WRT a car seat, I'd get a convertible one like the Britax First Class. That way you can use it rear facing for now, which is safer, and then it will last until he's around 4 years old. I think it would be pointless to get one of the infant carry seats, it would weigh a ton! Not so bad when you start with a newborn and work up to it grin

You can use slings right up to toddler age. I recommend getting a larger sized one. The Boba 3G is excellent.

PotteringAlong Sun 01-Jun-14 16:30:14

Caffeinated drinks and chocolate. You're about to exist off a lot less sleep smile

crashboombang Sun 01-Jun-14 16:30:33

A really good sling ( not the type you can buy on high street)

At 10mths I'd buy an extended rearfacing car seat.

HGrace Sun 01-Jun-14 16:30:34

Fantastic advice Primrose and Picak...and much appreciated! Keep it coming if you think of anything else... I'm glad I asked smile

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