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Other matching websites??

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flowerpowerlondon Wed 28-May-14 00:20:48

Hi with sw away on holiday and as I've just finished work to become a full time mum soon fingers crossed I have way to much time in my hands. Other than be my parent and children who wait are there any other websites it working looking at/ registering on to to speak for possible matches?? Thanks

MooseyMouse Wed 28-May-14 00:56:11

There's Adoption Link. I can see an advert for it on the right of this web page but I'm not sure whether we all see the same ads.

Good luck whatever route you go.

Lilka Wed 28-May-14 01:08:52

AdoptionLink is the new matching site with profiles on it that you can search yourself. And social workers can register and search through the adoptive parents profiles as well, and enquire the other way around

It's designed to make it easier to find a child and enquire than it would be on the magazine websites, you can upload your own profile/pictures/video for SW's in other authorities to look at, fill in your own matching criteria form to help locate the right profiles and obviously make and recieve enquiries

Are you on the adoption register? They might locate possible matches for you

Exchange day events happen every few months, make sure you'll hear about them

flowerpowerlondon Wed 28-May-14 20:32:33

Fab thanks!!!

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