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Living with FAS/FAE and interventions

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TulipsfromAmsterdam Sun 25-May-14 15:51:00

Can anyone tell me what it is like living with AC suffering from FAS?

We are starting to look at the possiblility LO may have been exposed to alcohol and while it explains a lot of behaviours/delays it is a very emotional, worrying time for us all.

Without going into too much detail DS is very delayed, has hearing loss and is very unpredictable at times. We can be playing and suddenly his mood will change and he can try to hurt whoever is closest by pulling hair, scratching and slapping. He often hurts himself also by banging his head on nearest wall, floor or toy.

We have heard early intervention is required but what is involved and what can we do to make life easier for him and us?

fasparent Sun 25-May-14 17:59:57

Best place and as far as I know for 0 too 5 years is www.Do2learn FASD there are others on UK school sites but are not really for pre school, this is pretty well comprehensive and includes all FASD Associated conditions.
2nd best is UK information is just a mere copy of these. UK. Special Academy Trust Schools interventions can be downloaded from under Education. This was a result of research participation of UK Adopted children , their schools and parents. Is now available too all UK School's and Teacher Training.
FASD Teacher Training is at
Hope this is of use.
Regards Diagnosis best too Get a GP Referral too NHS Regional Genetic Clinic.
The window of opportunity for interventions is 0 too age 7 this will perhaps lessen secondary problems later on in life.
Hope this is of some help

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