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how long did you wait for an under 2?

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spanielgirl Wed 21-May-14 20:42:00

I was just wondering, if you have been matched to a 2 year old or younger, how long did you have to wait?

Charlestons Wed 21-May-14 20:56:30

We were shown the profile of our (soon to be) 2yr old pink one day after approval panel and got to matching panel in 3 weeks time smile

spanielgirl Wed 21-May-14 20:59:59

Wow! And congratulations! X

allthingswillpass Wed 21-May-14 21:22:17

We waited a long time - 13 months to get a link and then 3 months till we met.

MooseyMouse Wed 21-May-14 22:01:25

A couple of months. Good luck.

AngelsWithSilverWings Wed 21-May-14 22:05:21

We were matched with DS two weeks after approval as adopters and he was placed with us three months later.

We waited one month for a match with DD and then three months for placement.

disneygirl10 Thu 22-May-14 06:41:59

2 months. Good luck

roadwalker Thu 22-May-14 06:49:06

We wanted to adopt age 5-7 but dropped our age bracket as they were all young so no wait. DD was 15 months old
We were in a local adopted group of around 10 families, only 1 family had adopted an over 2
I think there are more younger children than people realise, in my locality anyway

roadwalker Thu 22-May-14 06:49:33

We wanted to adopt age 5-7 but dropped our age bracket as they were all young so no wait. DD was 15 months old
We were in a local adopted group of around 10 families, only 1 family had adopted an over 2
I think there are more younger children than people realise, in my locality anyway

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Thu 22-May-14 07:03:43

We waited five months post-approval, but that was partly a screw up. Then another two months for her to come home. She was 1.5 yrs.

RhinosAreFatUnicorns Thu 22-May-14 07:17:21

4 months to be linked after approval and a further 2 months to matching panel and intros.

Copper13 Thu 22-May-14 14:15:32

I think we waited about 6 weeks post panel before seeing our DD's profile. She was 14 months old then, 16 months at intro's. But we saw LOTS of under 2's profiles in that 6 weeks. There were many many of that age range.

spanielgirl Thu 22-May-14 19:15:08

I'm amazed, I really thought it would be longer than that! Thank you everyone. X

Thebluedog Thu 22-May-14 19:43:43

We were linked to an 18 month old before being approved at panel, matched a few weeks after panel and met two weeks after that. To be honest it was a real roller coaster and a bit too fast. Took a while to calm down after spending 12 months wanting it to happen grin

prumarth Fri 23-May-14 07:54:38

We waited 2 months from panel to matching with a 10 month old

FamiliesShareGerms Sat 24-May-14 20:01:33

Shown a profile straight after approval panel; matching panel a month later!

Agree with other pp, there are more under 2s around than perhaps previously - perhaps as a result of different SW intervention approaches.

Under 2 is very little, but not a baby baby - still not many relinquished babies

Skitkats Sat 31-May-14 23:40:13

We were matched with 2 under 2 at the same time quite quickly after approval, despite being approved for a much wider age range. Most people on our prep group were also matched with under 2's so there must be quite a lot of very young children around.

bberry Sun 01-Jun-14 10:01:37

We went to match panel a month after approval and she moved in 2 weeks later :-)

odyssey2001 Sun 01-Jun-14 10:19:53

I think this just proves that there are no patterns when it comes to matching. We have friends who were matched within weeks of approval for a baby and someone else is still waiting a year later. There is no rhyme or reason.

We were told that going for a young child under two would increase our wait time but also that it was unwise due to the high level of uncertainty. Social workers from our LA actually discourage adopters from requesting babies, although if doesn't stop everyone.

Choccyjules Sun 01-Jun-14 10:29:26

Our LA apparently has no-one over 8 months currently looking for a family!

They are very honest about the unknown future and probable FAS of 99% of these children, most of whom left hospital and went straight to foster care.

We never thought there would be babies...and yet we have had to turn some down. hatematchingprocess

fasparent Sun 01-Jun-14 13:29:15

Regards too FAS 99% of these children have future problems like too add after 38 years of fostering Children and baby's, this is not a correct science, as well as being an adoptive parent with 2 Children with FAS who are now both independent adults and working full time one a parent.(agree can not be said for all )
Over many years we have looked after baby's with alcohol and drugs problems most came direct from hospital NOT ONE has had FAS , sure there are initial concerns , many have development delays most correct themselves , baby's are very resilient , even club feet we do physio 6 times a day for example for some most correct, True some baby's may have latent issues as could any baby but unrelated too FAS could be other hereditary problems for example. Speaking as a parent their is too much negativity surrounding FAS, even so with correct parenting and modern day early interventions the many problem's and issues surrounding FAS FASD can be over come or lessoned but not on the high end of FAS which would be evident at birth.

Pickles2go Sun 01-Jun-14 16:24:41

choccy we're currently learning about a LO and feeling very wobbly. The thought we may need to say no breaks my heart, relieved we're not alone x

Choccyjules Sun 01-Jun-14 18:37:23

Pickles no I certainly never thought we'd be saying no to a baby...

Pickles2go Sun 01-Jun-14 21:24:06

choccy yes, me too. Didn't really let myself think of a baby baby much less possibly saying no.

Sharon09108 Mon 02-Jun-14 21:46:41

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