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Great news on school admissions!

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buize Thu 15-May-14 22:29:53

That's great news! I wonder if it will also apply to pupil premium plus?

tethersend Thu 15-May-14 22:03:40

It applies in England and Wales, I believe.

tethersend Thu 15-May-14 21:57:53

Fantastic news- a step in the right direction.

Kewcumber Thu 15-May-14 18:02:56

I'm very happy for you all envy

Actually sarcastic grumpiness aside it is very good (and sensible) news and hopefully we won't need to rely on it anyway.

Choccyjules Thu 15-May-14 17:59:49

Huge wow!

Lilka Thu 15-May-14 16:55:14

It's England MrsM

I don't know what the admissions rules in Wales, Scotland and NI are I'm afraid

TeenAndTween Thu 15-May-14 14:11:54

Wow! grin

MrsM2509 Thu 15-May-14 07:12:54

Is this in England or all of uk?

Lilka Wed 14-May-14 23:38:46

Take a look at this!

The government had been seeking feedback on the admissions changes which gave priority school places to children adopted after the end of December 2005 and....

"Feedback from stakeholders indicates that some admission authorities have sought their own advice and elected to grant highest priority to all children adopted from care not just those adopted from care under the 2002 Act.

The Department in recognition of this has therefore reviewed its own position and, in doing so, has similarly concluded that the better interpretation is that the Code requires priority school admissions to be given to all children adopted from care who are of compulsory school age, and not just those adopted from care under the 2002 Act.

The Department has therefore decided to adopt this wider interpretation of the Code and as a consequence expects admission authorities to give highest priority to all children adopted from care. It is our intention to amend the School Admissions Code at the earliest opportunity to make this clear

RESULT! Let's have a little celebration grin grin

Unfortunately children adopted from abroad are still left out completely hmm

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