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Adoption cards

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pancakep Wed 30-Apr-14 00:48:23

(Remove this if not allowed admin) We were approved late last yr, we've had one failed match (failed day before coming home) and now are still waiting. I've found keeping busy helps so I want to design some greetings cards for adoption eg gotcha day, court day etc. there is barely anything available. I wondered what would you smile at getting a card for? And what would you like on it in terns of picture/phrase?

Italiangreyhound Wed 30-Apr-14 01:08:45

I have so far had four cards, none contain the image of a child. I would like a child image. I would love thoughtful and heartfelt words from someone who understands adoption.

Polkadotpatty Wed 30-Apr-14 10:39:21

I think the image of a child rather than a baby could be a good one, but obviously tricky to keep it having a broad appeal.

People from my prep group have recently started to be matched and finish intros. The only suitable card on display in my local store said "brand new mummy and daddy" (which is OK for that type of pairing!). When I asked the assistant, she opened a drawer underneath, where they had one whole design of adoption card - like it was something clandestine. Very odd. And not the world's most inspiring card either "Congratulations on your adoption" in swirly writing, with no images. I bought three anyway grin

Do you think something like "brand new family!" would work?

CloserThanYesterday Wed 30-Apr-14 11:08:54

I've also had a look to see if there are any cards suitable for new adoptions, and found pickings to be very slim!
There are loads of sweet cartoon/illustration style images of children which would work alongside 'Congratulations on your new family' style wording.
There are also some lovely verses/quotes about adoption which could be used.
They don't all have to be soppy or serious either. 'Adoption is the new pregnancy' is my current favourite quote grin I like anything that adds a glimmer of humour into a very full on situation. I'm aware not everyone would be as amused as me by something so glib though!

64x32x24 Wed 30-Apr-14 11:11:48

I've seen 'new baby' cards where the motif is footprints, there are two sets of big person footprints, maybe a set of pet footprints, variations can be with one set of little person footprints already, and then an obviously new set of little person footprints joining the rest.
I've always thought it a little odd for a new baby who won't be able to walk (and hence leave footprints) for another year or so.
But it could work really well for an adoption context! And you could personalise it easily by including cat footprints for households where there is a cat, etc.

Italiangreyhound Wed 30-Apr-14 14:49:19

I thin a simple cartoon image like the original Winnie the poo drawing s would be good, slightly coloured in hair and skin of no definite colour! Sort of generic so not obviously an Asian or white child or whatever, just very general. If a black and white image it could really be a child of almost any ethnic origin of age from quite small to quite older.

Like this

Although obviously not copying, just copying sketch style!

CruCru Thu 01-May-14 21:38:16

I saw a card in a shop nearby with a message "Happiness is here to stay" which could be nice.

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