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Does anybody else have a runner and how do you cope?

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roadwalker Mon 28-Apr-14 22:22:22

DD has been having a tough time recently
unfortunately a school 'friend' lives next door and we live where children play out. How I wish we lived on a busy street with no chance of outdoor play
The next door friend plays with DD when no-one else is about but this girl is incredibly popular. If anyone else is around she is horrible to DD
There was a particularly nasty incident and, when I tried to get DD to come inside, she ran from me
I caught up with her but couldn't hold her and she ran again, further this time and out of sight
DH found her 1/2 a mile away
She used to be a runner but it was easier to manage when she was smaller
She sometimes seems quite cold and clinical, laughing at me and staying just out of reach
Other times she is more hysterical
I am not sure she would come back but chasing her does not work and escalates everything
Also, I am getting very risk averse (because we have had so many scary times) and so not letting her do things
Play out of the garden is banned at the moment but we often have to go out because she is tormented by other children playing out and school friend likes to lord it over her because she is allowed to do more than DD

Kewcumber Mon 28-Apr-14 23:40:23

I feel for you I was always glad DS is not a runner. In fact he's too insecure to go far and if I'm having any significant issues with getting him to do what I want as I know he won;t let me out of his sight so I just march purposefully towards home/car and he is compelled to follow by his own insecurities.

It does make me feel incredibly mean though, like I'm using his insecurities to control him and yet I know it does keep him safe.

roadwalker Tue 29-Apr-14 08:06:35

Ironically the rest of the time she is stuck to me like glue. She would rarely be in a different part of the house, or a different room to me. If we go anywhere she clings to me
She is very extreme in everything though

namechangesforthehardstuff Tue 29-Apr-14 21:48:54

What do 'friend's parents have to say about it? It sounds as though she's the problem which needs immediate fixing sad

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