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So proud of DD1

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UnderTheNameOfSanders Sun 27-Apr-14 19:54:05

I nearly posted this in teenagers, but think it's better off here as you'll understand better why we are so proud.

DD1 has this weekend done her Bronze D of E practice expedition.

She's small, not sporty, not strong, and accident prone. She has never been resilient over physical hurts and discomforts.
It rained a lot
Apparently she wanted to give up first thing this morning.

But she completed the walk complete with heavy rucksack, and has come back all in one piece. grin

She'll moan tomorrow about how stiff she is, but she has done it.

We are so proud she persevered. Now she just has to complete her volunteering and do the final walk (which will no doubt be on the hottest day of the year followed by thunderstorms or something).

RhinosAreFatUnicorns Sun 27-Apr-14 19:55:27

Brilliant smile

Thetimes123 Sun 27-Apr-14 20:13:42

Big well done smile

edamsavestheday Sun 27-Apr-14 20:14:49

Well done!

Lilka Sun 27-Apr-14 20:22:44

That's fantastic, a massive well done to her smile

MerryInthechelseahotel Sun 27-Apr-14 20:44:14

That's great! I am sure she is proud of herself!

Kewcumber Sun 27-Apr-14 20:59:50

I just love perseverance - it makes me want to burst with pride. So easy to keep going when you're really good at something and shows so much character when you're not great and you still keep going.

I'll bet you are so proud.

Coconutty Sun 27-Apr-14 21:01:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SmokyHeart Sun 27-Apr-14 21:33:16

That's brilliant. Well done your DD!

MyFeetAreCold Mon 28-Apr-14 00:35:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KristinaM Mon 28-Apr-14 08:45:23

Well done miss sanders.

UnderTheNameOfSanders Mon 28-Apr-14 11:49:40

Thanks. She's aching all over today and says she positively didn't enjoy at least 70% of it (though she does tend to dwell on the negative).
We are giving loads of praise for persevering and achieving it.
Just hoping for better weather for the final expedition.

DofE has been really good for DD. It's got her doing a variety of stuff with a clear goal in mind, and gives her something to talk about in 6th form college interviews too.

(I'm rather hoping she may decide to continue to Silver, but after this w/e I think she's gone off the idea!)

KristinaM Mon 28-Apr-14 17:02:53

Well sometimes the process isn't very enjoyable but the outcome is worth it. A useful life lesson I think smile

Ice packs might help the sore bits.

redfishbluefish Mon 28-Apr-14 17:15:44

Well done! smile

UnderTheNameOfSanders Mon 28-Apr-14 17:25:58

OK. Can I be extra proud please?

She's come home today and told us she's been made a prefect when the y11s go. grin grin

KristinaM Mon 28-Apr-14 17:34:23

Yes indeed, I think you are allowed a small wine to celebrate . These achievements that might be small to others are often hard won for us and our kids

MrsBW Mon 28-Apr-14 20:01:35

DH and I are about to start intros.

If, in 10 years time, DS or DD completed an expedition like that, or came home and said they'd been made a prefect, I honestly think I would burst with pride. It would be more than I ever believed possible at this stage.

Congrats to you and your DD. thanks

UnderTheNameOfSanders Mon 28-Apr-14 20:10:13

Thank you all.
She has only been with us 7 years and has come so far in that time.

MrsBW good luck with the intros.

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