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At the beginning of our journey

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99rebews Mon 31-Mar-14 17:50:21

Hi everyone my husband and I are at the beginning of our exciting journey. We had a visit from the social worker last week, it's a bit different for us as we are in Germany with the British army. We will be adopting through ssafa. Does anyone have any must reads, words of wisdom? We are both very excited but also a bit scared. This will he our first child/ren after failed ivf. Thanks in advance

Velvet1973 Mon 31-Mar-14 19:24:56

Hi 99rebews,
We've just applied to adopt and are 2/3rds of the way through stage 1. A book I found last week that I loved and couldn't put down was "no matter what" by Sally Donovan. It's a no holds barred book that shows her and her family's very tough story but what really comes through is that "no matter what" they've been through it's all been so worthwhile.
Good luck.x

Italiangreyhound Mon 31-Mar-14 19:53:39

Hi, 99rebews feel free to ask away. I can't think of any advice at the moment, except reading mumsnet adoption threads!

soontobeethree Mon 31-Mar-14 21:26:41

99rebews congratulations and welcome!
It depends what age group you're looking at but a book that we loved (cant remember full namet) the adopted toddle a something weavers craftt. and for any of your family "related by adoption"
ask as many questions as you want x

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